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The First Woman of Wakanda ft. Roxane Gay (PODCAST)

The First Of Woman Of Wakanda? As much as we all enjoyed the FLOTUS speech this week the only woman we are interested in recognizing on this episode is Roxane Gay aka The First Woman Of Wakanda or as some of you may know her the first black female author at Marvel Comics. Or you might not know as just last week she was announced as the writer of World Of Wakanda, the spin off series from Ta-Nehisi Coates hit Black Panther series.

We talk to the published novelist, essayist, bad feminist & Beyonce enthusiast about her career, how she came to the world of comics, and why it’s high time for the emergence of women of color in the comics field. Plus we recap everything from SDCC, we talk about the infamous The Killing Joke film (make sure to read our review here!), and we welcome some new residents to Trifling Heights. Plus the GUAC is EXTRA is what dreams are made from this week! Tune in and tell a friend to tell a friend about FanBrosShow!