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‘Wolverine: The Long Night’ Chapters 1 and 2

Many were excited when Marvel announced they were getting into serialized stories. It’s no surprise that their first effort is with Wolverine. Wolverine’s solo stories can often go the noir route which seems to be the tone of this story. He’s handled like the boogie man and for the first two chapters at least, he’s spoken about in the past tense. There’s been a series of grizzly murders in a remote Alaskan fishing town, and our hero is the prime suspect. We follow Agents Pierce and Marshall as they question local law enforcement and citizens as they attempt to track down Wolverine.

Some Spoilers Ahead

Each person they question shares an interaction they had with Wolverine which gives you a glimpse into his current mental state. We know any time he goes off to the woods for extended periods of time, he can get a bit dark; even when helping someone. In the first chapter you learn that he freed a fisherman from a trap by chopping off his arm. The poor guy freaks out so much that Wolverine wishes that he chopped of his head instead.

In Chapter 2 you learn what recent events drove Logan to Alaska. Wolverine’s life is a life of pain and tragedy. Agent Marshall transcribes a letter relaying events and it also gives you insight into the mind of a trained killer. Wolverine found a brief moment of peace in New Orleans. Unfortunately the good times never last for him. It’s almost always a case of one thing leading to another and bodies begin to pile up. He’s in a very vulnerable point in his life right now, but he hasn’t completely abandoned while he attempts to lay low.

The story takes some twist and turns rather early. There also seems to be a sense of dread and impending doom. The series features a stellar and very familiar voice cast. Richard Armitage stars as Wolverine, Sheriff Ridge is voiced by Scott Adsit, Celia Keenan-Bolger as Agent Pierce, and frequent guest of the space ship Ato Essandoh voices Agent Marshall. I recommend that you listen to this with a good sound system or headphones. The ambient noise does a lot to set the mood and you don’t want the experienced spoiled by bad sound quality. So far my only criticism is that you have to sign up for Stitcher Premium. Hopefully Marvel will decide to upload the chapters to iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon once they’re all out.

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