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The Willow Smith WTF Episode (FanBrosShow No. 49)

Willow Smith

Willow Smith??? Don’t get too hyped up now, Willow Smith didn’t take time off from taking pictures that she probably should have kept to herself to join us in the spaceship. We did however have a special mystery guest and one of the illest episodes in FanBrosShow History. No Willow Smith? No problem as the FanBros speak on the Star Wars title rumors. An Ancient Evil? Is George Lucas starring or something? Anyway listen as we debate this, plus Free Comic Book Day recap and a preview of DC and Marvel’s big summer titles. It’s another instant classic, and if you want more classics make sure you go and download some of DJ BenHaMeen’s latest mixes, he just dropped a new party mix this week! Plus last day to enter the #FanBrosSelfie contest! Also while you’re clicking links subscribe to us on Itunes!! Do it now! Do it!!! *Arnold voice*.