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Whiplash (Short Film 2013)


Whiplash turned out to be one of my favorite films from last year and I went in not expecting it to be anything special. I had heard that JK Simmons & Miles Teller both turn in great performances but I figured I had seen the teacher student film more than enough times to know when I was the man now dog.
How many ways can I say that I was wrong? JK Simmons absolutely owns the screen and Miles made me hype to see Fantastic Four if only to see him cry again when Ben Grimm screams on him for turning him into the Thing. Damien Chazelle who is both the screenwriter and director of this short as well as the finished film did a remarkable job as well, keeping everything tight and controlled with his use of the practice room where most of the action takes place.
This short was produced when Damien realized he didn’t have the funding to produce the entire film but after screening it at Sundance some wise investors put the money up so that he could shoot the entire script and one Oscar and much critical acclaim later here we go. If you haven’t seen the entire film then make sure you check this out as it contains my single favorite piece of dialogue from the finished product and gives you a good idea of the greatness that you are getting into when you peep Whiplash. Film after the break.