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Weekly Comics Roundup – June 26th, 2013 (Part Two)


This is part two of our Weekly Comics Roundup, you can catch Part One here and hit the jump to get part two where I tackle a few series that I’ve been keeping up with lately, including two comics that month after month are some of the best books on the stands.






Hawkeye #11

Simply put Hawkeye number eleven is a classic. Like Reasonable Doubt it might not even be recognized for the greatness that is contained in between it’s covers for years to come. While every issue of Hawkeye has been at the very least a great read Hawkeye number eleven is on another level. This issue follows the adventures of Pizza Dog, Hawkeye’s adopted mutt, as he attempts to solve a murder mystery while being unable to communicate with his human owners. The issue is told entirely from the perspective of Pizza Dog which leads to some of the most interesting and unusual uses of the comics medium in a long time. While a lot of people have been harping on Young Avengers and Avengers lately, and by a lot of people I mean me, Hawkeye number eleven is going to put a lot of creators on notice as this is truly next level storytelling. Since Pizza Dog is well a dog, this story is mainly told with images and symbols instead of word ballons and narration as is typical in a super hero comic book. Pizza Dog’s interactions with humans are limited to the few words that Pizza picks up while the rest is simply whomp whomp whomp.
While this issue does feature a unique viewpoint it also continues to move the story that the preceding issues have set up and also has a very unexpected ending that I didn’t see coming at all. West Coast Avengers is starting back up?
Overall I’d give this a pick it up now and buy a copy for your friend.




Young Avengers #6

Like I said in the previous review Young Avengers has been flowing like water since the first issue and this latest is no exception. After the wrapping up of the first arc last issue we are treated to an intermission of sorts as this issue focuses on Speed and Prodigy, two characters who haven’t been seen in this series since its inception. The two of them are working at an unnamed corporation that seems to deal in superhuman affairs on a variety of levels with Prodigy answering a hotline for villains while Speed puts together scientific gizmos in fast forward. These moments give us insight into their personalities as well as give them a reason to investigate the string of robberies happening at the corporation. The mystery of the robberies leads to the quite creepy ending, with the art and dialogue quite skillfully transitioning from the humor early to a very dark and foreboding ending.
I have to applaud the guest artist on this issue, as even with the change in artist the pushing of storytelling boundaries continue with the ending scenes being as horrifying and mysterious to the reader as they are to the characters.
Buy Young Avengers and if you haven’t picked up the first trade go ahead and do it, it’s money well spent.