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The Dora Milaje Step Into Formation in Black Panther Featurette!

With just about a month (and counting) before Black Panther hits theaters, Marvel Studios gives us another sneak peek inside the fictional African nation with it’s ‘Warriors of Wakanda’ featurette. Comic readers and moviegoers know the pairing of “Power,” and “Responsibility,” as well as their place in the modern narrative. Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman opens the video, speaking of T’Challa and his duality, atypical still in the ‘been there, done that’ style of superhero origins. “Black Panther is a world leader. That’s a responsibility that other superheroes don’t commonly have. . . he has to look out for an entire nation.” Danai Gurira plays Wakandan military leader Okoye, crucial to the safety of Wakanda, and to T’Challa as an ally. Okoye defends Wakanda’s borders while upholding its old practices and conventions. Counter to this is Nakia, played by Lupita Nyong’o. “My character, Nakia, challenges traditions . . . She was born with a warrior spirit.”

The fighting style of the Dora Milaje is said to be inspired by ‘moving as one.’ The new footage continues to show off what could indeed be some of the best group fight choreography in the MCU to date. Creed showed us that Ryan Coogler is no stranger to amazing fight sequences, but we’ll have to wait until mid-February to see what else the director has in store.

Black Panther premieres in the U.S. on February 16th, and stars Chadwick Boseman (Get on Up, Marshall), Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle, Creed), Lupita Nyong’o (Star Wars: The Last Jedi, 12 Years a Slave), Danai Gurira (All Eyez on Me, The Walking Dead) Letitia Wright (Black Mirror, Doctor Who), Andy Serkis (War for  the Planet of the Apes, Avengers: Age of Ultron) and Martin Freeman (Sherlock, Fargo)

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