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FANDOM FASHION: The Walking Dead Fashion Sets

The Walking Dead Fashion Sets

The Walking Dead Title Screen

Caution! Dead Inside!

The Walking Dead, season 8, will be premiering October 22nd. I have a love-hate relationship with The Walking Dead. Some seasons are amazing (hello season 1), and some seasons have me in angry internet ALL-CAPS ranting (season 6 and its finale). That being said there are definitely characters that have stood out.

Ezekiel and his Tiger

Hello Shiva

King Ezekiel is HILARIOUS. I love that he was a Shakespeare-In-The-Park actor. I especially love that at the end of the day he’s just a regular guy who also has no idea what he’s doing.


Ezekiel Fandom Fashion

Trench coat, shirt, boots and necklace from Amazon; Jeans from Simply Be;



Heck yes, Michonne!

Michonne is an amazing bad-ass. Do we remember the zombie guards/alarms? She knew to make guard/alarms!

Walking Dead Fashion Sets

Vest, tank, and bag from Amazon; Jeans from Yours Clothing; Boots from Zaful



Laughs, leans, repeat.

Negan is a relatively new character for the show. Yes, he’s known for his leaning and far too long villain speeches but I still really love this villain. His imminent downfall will be a joy to watch.

Negan Fandom Fashion

Jacket, boots, and necklace from Amazon; Shirt from Evans USA; Jeans from City Chic Online;

Do you have a favorite Walking Dead character or another fandom you’d like to see a fashion set for? Let me know in the comments section below!

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