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Join the ‘Voltron’ Coalition: Netflix’s Voltron, S4 (REVIEW)

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Last season Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender forged new heroes and foes. Season four blurred the lines of good and evil, as the fight for the galaxy reached a new peak.

Our Paladins have a master plan, but for it to succeed they will need the help of many allies. They embark on a campaign to recruit forces to join their fight against the Glara Empire. The massive undertaking involves Rebel forces as well as the Blade of Marmora.

This advantage however doesn’t come without a price. Keith split his duty as a Paladin with his native Blade members, assisting in covert missions of intel gathering. Soon it interferes with him leading Voltron. He makes the executive decision to leave Team Voltron, leaving the Black Lion in Shrio’s hands once again.

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In addition to the main narrative, two subplots reap great rewards. First we see Pidge resume her search for her lost family. As we remember Pidge’s – who’s real name is Kate – brother and father were astronauts whose mission was compromised by warfare. For years she assumed they perished. But footage of their kidnapping proved they were very much alive.

In a lone episode, Pidge reunites with her brother, Mark. The emotional rollercoaster is one of the series best, comparable to Keith’s own search for answers about his past.

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While one family reunites, another splinters farther apart. Haggar suspects Prince Lotor of betraying his father’s reign. She hastens Zarkon’s recuperation in attempt to regain control of the empire. It’s revealed Lotor planned a coup in efforts to secure more power for himself.

With Lotor outed, Zarkon declares him an enemy of the State. This shift leaves the conniving heir a lone wolf. And as they say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

In the heat of battle, it’s Lotor who defeats Zarkon’s advances, leaving Voltron’s Coalition to fight another day. Will the Paladins find an ally in the disgraced king? Will Pidge and Mark find their father? Questions needing answers now. Season five cannot come soon enough.

With only one filler episode involving Coran, season four delivered with a moving story, great action and a lot of heart. We didn’t get much on Shiro arm, but I’m sure it will come back into play next season.

Did this season of Voltron meet your expectations? Let us know below!