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Trips through Trade Paperback Comics: Xombi

The comic book industry has existed for almost a century, and in its time, it has grown to be a titanic space. Month after month, year after year, there is always a new comic popping up on the scene, and, it can be a bit daunting for those who are trying to get into comics as interest. Not only that because new comics appear constantly, sometimes a comic book can be overlooked for whatever reason.

That’s where this biweekly series comes in.  I’ll be arriving every two weeks like your paycheck, guiding you through comics that you may have missed, but they’ll be perfect gateway comics to help you ease into this grand world of graphic narratives.


This time around we have got Xombi, a comic book that combines surreal scenarios, lighthearted wit, and bone chilling horror. Now the name Xombi might ring a few bells for those who have heard of the prolific comic book company known as Milestone Comics (now known as Milestone Media).

John Rozum and Denys Corwan created the character and story in 1990s, but DC published this trade paperback in 2012 after Milestone became connected with DC comics. A nice treat is that John Rozum handles the writing and Frazier Irving handles the art.

Xombi follows our hero Dr. David Kim, a Korean-American scientist who suffers an attack from monsters that injures him severely.  In an attempt to save him, his girlfriend uses the nanites in the lab to heal David. Unfortunately, the price of saving David means the nanites use his girlfriend as the material to heal him. Now he’s alone with a set of stranger superpowers to help him deal with stranger events.

In this volume, we have David attempting to catch a dangerous creature and fight off an egomaniac. You know; typical hero stuff. Luckily, he has help; two nuns that are packing heat, a Catholic school girl who has got serious anointing, and an elderly rabbi who brings a cheerful vibe. What more could you ask for?

Part of Xombi’s charm is that it is comic book gumbo that showcases all of the things comic books are capable of. The science fiction, the fantasy, the mystery, the horror, Rozum juggles these things well with the writing. And Irving’s artwork works perfectly to match the grim and vibrant tones.

Plus, this trade paperback includes a special issue where David Kim teams with the Spectre from DC comics to fight a serial killer ghost.

If you’re a fan of DC or Milestone comics, then I recommend putting this scintillating title on your bookshelf. Be sure to ask your local comic book shop if they carry it or buy it online.