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Thoughts On … Ray Donovan


“Aight he was half a fag. I walked in on ‘im once. Didn’t know what the fuck he was doing.” ~ Sully

This episode had some great moments as the family attends Terry’s ‘Fite Nite’; Sully finally sets his plan in motion to enact his revenge.  A sigh of relief is released nationwide as we are not exposed to any more of the Marvin Gaye Washington storyline, but we are also deprived of screen time for Steven Bauer’s, Avi.

In a change of pace, the entire episode largely takes place over a few hours with events unfolding at the boxing gym and at Sully’s hand picked location.

James Wood’s, Sully, is an irascible geriatric hitman and watching him go about doing his work is entertaining as hell, though there is a glaring break in the portrayal of his character up until this point.

Mickey Donovan’s (Jon Voight) straight forward bartering for his life is also comedy gold.  The dude is so plain spoken and direct, the pleasure comes from watching the reactions of the characters around him.

Bunchy encounters the priest who molested him as a child and slides back into crazy.  Abby Donovan continues to meddle as usual, while Darryl struggles with the prospect of Mickey letting him down and not showing up to support his boxing match.

Events occur which drastically change the dynamics for the remaining episodes as Ray is now faced with a new reason to watch his back.