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Thor Ragnarok Fashion Sets

Thor Ragnarok Title Screen

Definitely giving me Flash Gordon vibes…

Thor Ragnarok will finally be in theatres for all of us to enjoy its Jack Kirby greatness. Who would have thought that a Thor film would be one of the most anticipated Marvel films of the year? Can anyone even tell me who the antagonist was in the second Thor film without running a quick web search?

As a HUGE fan of Taika Waitiki’s work (check out What We Do In The Shadows) I couldn’t wait to see what he did with Thor and according to a lot of the critics, he did alright. Based on the trailers and teasers it looks fantastic and who wouldn’t want to watch Tessa Thompson or Cate Blanchett kick but?

Check out these fandom fashion sets inspired by all things Ragnarok:




Thor Fandom Fashion

Jacket and shirt from Amazon; Jeans from City Chic; Shoes from Dr. Martens; Earrings from Nordstrom; Necklace from Fred Meyer Jewelers;





Valkyrie Fandom Fashion

Jacket from New Look; Shirt, pants, and boots from Simply Be; Necklace from Logan Hollowell Thor Ragnarok Collection; Scarf from Madeleine;





Hela Fandom Fashion

Jacket from Gamiss; Shirt from Amazon; Pants from H&M; Boots from Simply Be; Ring from Logan Hollowell Thor Ragnarok Collection;


Do you already have your tickets to see Thor Ragnarok? Do you have a character or fandom you’d like to see a set for? Let me know in the comments section below!

Shopping links for the sets and so many geek fandom fashions can be found over at curvygeekyfangirl.com

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