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The Scoop – July 15, 2013



This week on The Scoop: Batman gets a new show, Breaking Bad gets a museum exhibit, Disney princesses get a makeover and Joffrey gets a softer side. More after the jump! 


Beware the Batman premiered this past Saturday on Cartoon Network. The CGI-animated series is set to focus on Batman’s detective skills and the writers are already bringing in lesser-known villains, including Professor Pyg and Mr. Toad from Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin. Batman is also getting a new sidekick in Katana, the swordmistress from The Outsiders, while Alfred gets rebooted as a younger, tough-as-nails ex-MI6 agent who plays the role of butler while training Bruce to be Batman. Although nothing will ever replace Batman: The Animated Series, I definitely enjoyed the show.

On a related note, a bunch of DC Nation shorts were just uploaded to YouTube.


Looking for the perfect way to refresh yourself on Breaking Bad before the final episodes this August? Check out “From Mr. Chips to Scarface: Walter White’s Transformation in Breaking Bad,” an exhibit premiering this month at The Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, NY. The exhibit will feature costumes, props, and video material from the show, including Walt’s Heisenberg hat, his gas mask and hazmat suit, the white briefs he wore during his first meth cooking session and the scorched pink teddy bear. They will also be showing selected clips from the show and some behind-the-scenes footage. The exhibit opens on Friday, July 26 and will run until Sunday, October 27th.


The Awesomes is a new 10-episode animated series from SNL’s Seth Meyers and Mike Shoemaker debuting Aug. 1 on Hulu. The show focuses on the greatest superhero team in history after all the good members quit. There’s definitely some familiar voices including Meyers, Bill Hader, Keenan Thompson and Rashida Jones. Check out the trailer here.



In badass news, Tumblr user Aegiskitty has re-imagined Disney princesses as superheroes and it’s pretty amazing. Just in case Ariel as Mera wasn’t dope enough, there’s also Cinderella as Emma Frost, Belle as Rogue and Sleeping Beauty as Black Canary. And yes, that’s Mulan as Psylocke. Brilliant.



Guess what guys? I can make you NOT HATE JOFFREY! I mean, how can you after watching Jack Gleeson cuddle this adorable puppy?


Finally, ICYMI: