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The King Of Rock Episode – Guest Starring @DMCMakesComics (FanBrosShow)

The King Of Rock

The King Of Rock. If you don’t know who I’m talking about then I don’t think you can call yourself a FanBro anymore. Just go ahead and retire like Spider-Man on the cover of ASM number 50. Throw away your shell toe adidas and act like you’ve never been a fan of Hip-Hop or any form of geek culture for that matter. Hopefully the @DMCMakesComics tag helped out the slow people amongst you but if not tune in as we welcome The King Of Rock himself, Daryl McDaniels of the legendary RUN-DMC. In a surprise visit to the spaceship DMC tells us all about his new graphic novel and why he is moving from the mic to the printed word. He also tells us what comic changed his life and why Sal Buscema should be listed up there with Jack Kirby.
In addition we also break down Vulture’s suspect list of the Top 25 Action Movies since Die Hard, we ask what movies made you cry, and the insanity that you’ve come to know and love. First The Flower Of Life Episode and now the King Of Rock? I don’t know how we are going to top this but in the words of Combat Jack, it don’t stop.




INTRO – 19:00 – A lot of random topics between Matt Raz & Chico Leo. No spoilers but topics include Where Is Benhameen and the rest of the gang, as well as The Venom movie, the new American Hustle trailer, and much more.

19:00 – 34:30 – Our surprise special guest invades the studio. Wow.

34:31 – 44:44 – We break down Vulture’s piece.

44:45 – 50:00 – Comics I Copped. No spoilers

50:01 – 57:00 – Chico’s Netflix Pic of The Week

57:00 -END – Stuff happens. Shouts to FanBros Originals.


1. What movie made you cry? Like a baby?

2. What movies did you think got left off the Vulture list?