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THE GIFTED: eXodus – Season 1, Episode 3 (RECAP)

This article does contain SPOILERS for Episode 3 of The Gifted: “eXodus”


The Gifted sure loves its flashbacks, as this week’s episode starts three years ago with Lorna (Emma Dumont) and Marcos (Sean Teale) on a walk, only recently met. The two have an expository small talk, and we learn that the reason why the surroundings are so rundown. The entire area was condemned after an incident called “the Oakwood Riots.” The National Guard had stormed a Mutant orphanage, and the neighborhood was destroyed when one kid lost control of his powers. After the history lesson, Lorna proudly displays her powers by levitating, while reluctantly convincing Marcos to “show her his.” Marcos does eventually concede, and gives off a literal display of brilliance. Once the jitters are settled, they kiss, and their powers begin to overlap, creating a small version of the Aurora Borealis.

In the present, at Lakewood County Jail, things are of an entirely different nature. Lorna’s daydream is interrupted with an in cell visit from Sentinel Services’ Jace Turner (Coby Bell). He offers her one last chance to cooperate with his takedown of the Resistance, this time for the sake her unborn child. Though Lorna is currently jailed, Agent Turner implies it’s better than the alternative, hinting at possible transfer to somewhere “much worse” if the operation goes down without her cooperation. He leaves her to think on it as we check back in on the Resistance. Later in the episode, she does manage to successfully use her powers to destroy her cell door. Remember also that she’s been fitted with the power-dampening collar. Lorna still pulls of the feat, though it leaves her with a bloody nose.

John (Blair Redford) and Marcos are having a disagreement over the fate of Lorna Dane. Marcos suggests using Clarice (Jamie Chung) to portal into the facility, but John is wary, considering Clarice isn’t fully recovered after last week’s episode, nor able to handle the physical burden. Marcos suggests John train her as he has with so many others in the facility. I really enjoy how this show threads in backstory without dragging out its smaller mysteries longer than necessary. John Proudstar ultimately sides with Marcos, after his plan receives support from another Resistance member, Dreamer, played by Elena Satine (Revenge, 24: Legacy) Kaitlyn Strucker suggests a more diplomatic approach, suggesting legal action, as not all fights involve battle.

Clarice is willing to assist, though her powers aren’t the same — she feels they’re broken. John suggests training to gain control, and that her emotional state has a lot to do with it. Proudstar offers a session the next morning, though Dreamer now has other ideas. Dreamer suggests adding some emotional stakes to the effort, by using her powers to implant a false memory of Clarice and Lorna being close friends. John immediately dismisses the idea as it “goes bad” citing other members, “Walker,” and “Eve” as examples. Elsewhere, Kate tells Andy (Percy Hynes White) and Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) of her plan to seek help from her brother Danny on the other side of town, through his connections within the Government. Neither child is willing to let their mother travel alone, seeing as how they’re all fugitives. Andy suggests they go along with her in case it gets dangerous and Kate reluctantly agrees.

Last week saw Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer) offering Jace a bargain: his family’s safety, in exchange for his help with the Resistance bust. Reed is hesitant, though goes along with the plan — play the role of an escapee from Sentinel Services, setting his sights on the same bar he’d met Marcos before. John and Clarice meet up the next morning for training, and we learn not only was John a former Marine, but also that Clarice may have a bit of habit concerning jelly donuts. Despite John’s attempts at training her, Clarice still is unable master her ability. The moment is short-lived, as John notices and later confirms through his ability that the family had left. Marcos is content with leaving them behind, but John reminds him that if the family is captured, they may reveal the location of the Resistance base.

On the way to see their Danny, Andy remarks how they haven’t seen him since their grandmother’s funeral, suggesting they may not be all that close. Andy also suggested using his powers to rob a bank to fund the journey. Lauren and Kate (Amy Acker) eventually talk him out of it, but not before he deliberately wrecks a few parking meters for change. This isn’t the first time he’s adopted such a trigger-happy solution to a problem. If in later episodes, we find out he’s got a “Magneto Was Right” t-shirt, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Back at the Headquarters, Dreamer speaks with Clarice on her own. Everyone is focused on getting Lorna back, but none but John Proudstar appears to have the patience. For a split second, it seems like she’s about to use her powers on Clarice, but she later changes her mind, considering John’s objection earlier.

Danny is hesitant to help Mutant fugitives, family or not, but does offer a night’s rest and all the money in his safe. He demands they leave in the morning, though his son, Scott is all too proud to have a Mutant in the family, though his reasoning is questionable. Back at the bar, Reed convinces the bartender to arrange pick up by the Resistance though he is rightful reluctant; Reed Strucker is a wanted man! Reed is instructed to wait in the back of the bar where he meets a mutant family, and mother and child awaiting the same transport. They exchange stories, and the eldest of the two uses her ability to remove the residual pain from the night of his arrest. Reed is now having second thoughts, with one of several concerns being the explosive tracking anklet Jace attached beforehand. It’s now nightfall, and Scott refers to his cousin, Andy as “Destructo,” still hoping to see some display of his powers. Lauren objects, choosing instead to be responsible. Things change when Lauren finds out through social media that their home had been vandalized. Once Andy learns it was one of his oldest friends, his powers lash out, causing damage to one of Scott’s trophies. Eventually a picture of the trophy circulates around the neighborhood, and an angry mob appears on Danny’s lawn. Just before they entire the home, Andy uses his ability, splintering the front door in the process.

It’s the night of the Sentinel Services raid, and we learn that Agent Turner has a significant other in the form of “Paula,” who messages him that she’s proud of him. Reed and the others are in a van, being whisked away to the drop-off location. In a move we all saw coming, Reed jumps from the moving vehicle preventing Sentinel Services from following any further. Reed has choice dialogue for Jace, telling him the deal was off. Back with Struckers, the mob standoff has turned into a car chase, but the family does manage to escape, along with John and Marcos, through a portal? It turns out Dreamer did use her powers on Clarice earlier, creating the memory that Clarice and John are lovers. He later scolds her, though she appears to be painfully aware of the consequences. The memory imparted wasn’t random, but of John and Dreamer’s actual relationship! Danny also finds out through his Government contacts that Reed is alive and being transferred to a Mutant Detention Center along with Lorna.

Jace Turner is arranging facility transfers for Reed and Lorna, and afterwards receives a call from Dr. Campbell, played by Garret Dillahunt (Deadwood, Justified), who reveals his first name as “Roderick.” Comic fans may recognize the doctor as being connected to major players within the X-Men universe. Agent Turner cuts him off before could say who he was working for since he was already aware. Doctor Campbell offers help but largely due to his fascination with Andy and Lauren. Jace quickly turns down the offer stating they don’t work with Contractors, and ended the call. Maybe Essex Corp? Looks like we get another mystery to keep us busy over the next few weeks.

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