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The Thanksgiving Episode Feat. Spike Lee & Malcolm D. Lee (FanBrosShow)


The Thanksgiving Episode


Malcolm D. Lee joins the FanBros for the extra large Thanksgiving Episode, and of course we speak on the USA Today “race themed” headline fiasco. Benhameen gets a little heated over the nonsense and we discuss why The Best Man Holiday is a film that has a universal message in addition to being one of the best depictions of black love. Benhameen also confesses that The Best Man Holiday had him fighting back the #ThugTears a couple of times, and we also get to the roots of Malcolm D Lee’s FanBros origins.
The FanBros also welcome Spike Lee for a special phone interview where they get to the bottom of why Spike chose to reimagine Oldboy in the first place, as well as what are the universal themes behind the movie, and much more from one of the greatest of our time.
Plus we give you the usual banter between Benhameen, Chico Leo, & Tatiana King Jones, including Tech Talk, Comics I Copped and The Netflix Pic Of The Week. The Thanksgiving Episode has everything you need plus a little bit more, just like Mama used to make.


0:00 – 1:23 – INTRO

1:24 – 41:08 – Malcolm D. Lee Interview

41:09 – 58:10 – Spike Lee Interview

58:11 – 1:04:25 – Tatiana’s Tech News Of The Week – The FCC decides to disrespect everyone by allowing cellphones on all flights. There’s more but we want you to think about that.

1:04:26 – 1:19:00 – Film & TV Roundup – Discussion on Almost Human and the lack of robots of color in mainstream films, the new Noah movie trailer, and what we would title the new Batman Vs Superman film.

1:19:00 – 1:25:00 – Comics I Copped – Benhameen says Infinity hasn’t lived up to Hickman’s usual standard, while Young Avengers is going out with a bang. We also discuss the new Preacher series with AMC and why they all have a lot to live up to.

1:25:00 – 1:30 – Chico’s Pic Of The Week – A little something from south of the border and a bit into the future.