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Taika Waititi’s What We Do in the Shadows Ordered to Pilot on FX Network!

After Thor: Ragnarok, Director Taika Waititi has arrived in the United States in a major way. The New Zealander came to prominence after 2014’s What We do In the Shadows, a look at the ‘lives’ of four Vampire roommates living in the capital city of Wellington in the 21st century. The critically-acclaimed comedic mockumentary, directed by Waititi and co-star Jermaine Clement (Legion, Flight of the Conchords) is now slated to be a series on FX, with the pilot being just ordered by the network.

What We Do in the Shadows was based on a 2006 short of the same name, and was inspired by films like The Lost Boys, Interview with the Vampire, and Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula. The movie examines themes like intergenerational co-habitation, cultural identity, and the process of “coming out,” all while poking fun at modern Vampire mythology and tropes along the way. The Vampire flatmates are hundreds of years apart on average, and in some cases, thousands. From the Nosferatu-like Peter, to Waititi’s Viago, the Vampires are written here with more variety, and humanity than the average mortal. Take SyFy’s Being Human for a more dramatic approach to some of the thematic elements on display here. Some of the funnier (and more horrifying) scenes involve a local pack of Werewolves, because why should the Vamps have all the fun?

Though the original Shadows took place in New Zealand, the new FX series is set in the United States, with a different cast of Vampires. Waititi and Clement are Executive Producers on the series, though Viago or Vladislav are likely to appear. What We Do in the Shadows stars Matt Berry (Portlandia, The IT Crowd) Natasia Demetriou (Mr. Bean: Funeral, Year Friends) Harvey Guillen (The Internship, The Magicians) and Kayvan Novak (Syriana, Thunderbirds Are Go). The pilot itself is to be directed by Waititi, though no air date has been announced. Waititi and Clement are also helming a sequel, We’re Wolves, showcasing the Werewolves of Wellington. Our Horror podcast, Scream Squad shared their thoughts on the movie as well, check it out here.

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