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Startups Of Color

Welcome, FanBros.

We talk heavily in regards to tech happening with Raspberry Pi’s, video games, your phone, etc. We have a history of chasing down the latest in the mainstream tech world. But, with the incidents lately with Google and a certain college town, I want to bring some positive vibes into our usual tech conversations. So, here’s some Startups that are heating up that are worth your attention.

Software Engineering Careers:

As mentioned above, we’re currently seeing “cages being rattled” because diversity is starting to happen within Silicon Valley. And if we’ve made it to the point where fragility is starting to panic and people are trying to use false narratives to combat progress: that usually means we’re doing something right! So, that brings me to two companies I have a fondness for:

Devcolor is a startup that can help nurture and grow Black software engineers by creating a supportive community. Many of us have to overcome obstacles, such as “coat switching” or not fitting inside of coworkers’ preconceived narratives. The relationships made with others overcoming these obstacles can set-up a relaxing environment to learn new technologies, such as Big Data ETL, Deep Learning, Data Hygiene and Cryptocurrency. Currently, there are branches in both NYC and San Francisco, with open houses taking place later this month.

And with new knowledge gained from Devcolor, be sure to visit rising startup Jopwell. This startup was made to make sure African-Americans, Latinxs and Native Americans can have an easier time finding jobs for them with welcoming companies hoping for diversity. With partners like AirB&B, the NBA and American Express, it’s clear that they aren’t just offering small jobs to get you started. This startup is focused on your career and has more than a few examples of amazing results.


Black women will not only save all of us, but they will look absolutely fly while doing it. There are two new startups to help with the latter: Tress and Podozi. Both are focused on beauty, but in unique, amazing ways. Tress creates a community for women of color to discuss new hairstyles, techniques, products, pricing and future projects. The value of Black haircare globally is currently $500 Billion(!!!) and this app was quickly funded as a guide and data analysis tool for the industry. You can currently download it on both Android and iOS.

After updating your knowledge on new hairstyles, absolutely give your attention to Podozi. It’s no secret that mainstream media has tried to put a spotlight on lighter skin in terms of makeup. Only making it more difficult for ladies of melanin to find the proper foundations and blush that fits them. Podozi aims to solve this. With an on-hand team of beauty experts to assist with finding the best products for you, your tone and your style: I give this one of the proudest recommendations possible.


Digital Economy:

If you’ve been following FanBros for the past couple years, then you know that a digital commerce means everything to me. It’s been capable of giving several major nations diplomatic freedom. And when in discussion of cryptocurrency, it’s worth 3x the amount of gold, making it more valuable than any other currency on the planet. So, seeing progress made in Africa‘s economy to meet the needs that aren’t already provided to their people is amazing.

A strong pioneer in this progress is WaysToCap. A digital Business-to-Business marketplace that buys and sells products to African businesses. Not only that, but financing and insuring these businesses is also possible through their site and maintaining a secure line of resources to give quality to their plans.

And speaking of this, Mvendr has proudly taken the task of not only having their digital Point Of Sales software help businesses and consumers expand their range of both payments and first-level banking in Africa, but to all low-income sectors of the world. Mvendr has also been featured, not only in the Top 100 of the African Fintech Awards, but also a winner!



FoxType is an A.I. program I can definitely get on board with. For non-English speakers. it can read the text you’ve presented and optimize it into the appropriate English you are attempting. Using machine learning technology, it’s developed to help the over a billion non-native English speakers do business or contact others with professionalism that was a bit more difficult to achieve in the past.



I’m sure if you’re on this site, you’re more than happy with the opportunity you get to see yourself represented on the screen. Imagine if every option was like this on Netflix, Hulu or whichever subscription streaming service of choice you have on your screen, right now. Well, that’s exactly what Afrostream is here to offer. From TV shows to films, new and old, this service was made to celebrate Black excellence present it in HD. Here’s to seeing them expand in the near future.



These are just a few of my favorite new startups that are currently blowing up out of Silicon Valley. We will be showcasing many more thoughout the next few weeks and leading to TechCrunch. If there are any you want to take the spotlight, be sure to contact us at @FanBrosShow or in the comments below!