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Slambros: WWE is Consistent in its Disappointment

While WWE is consistent in its disappointments, the Slambros return for the 15th 11th episode! Between America and WWE shenanigans, this week has been a ride that we never asked for. The duo of Boman12L and Illa YC survived election night, and try to make sense of the as crazy worlds of professional wrestling. This week, the dirt sheets are packed with news of returning legends. Both The Undertaker and Edge will be on the 900th episode of Smackdown(Live). Spoilers for the next WWE Roadblock network special, seem to indicate a Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns feud starting right after Survivor Series. Elsewhere, Billy Corgan still hasn’t been paid for the loan he gave to some struggling small business.

In the main segment, The Sambros breakdown WWE’s consistent use of inconsistent characters. Stephanie McMahon, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Mick Foley, they all have issues — mostly ill-defined motivations. Illa and Boman, each add their perspective to the problem and offer simple solutions WWE could try to make the story telling process smoother. The Cruiserweights are getting their own show, after a disappointing premier of RAW. Will 205 Live be more in line with the style of wrestling seem on the Cruiserweight Class or the toned down WWE “high flying” style? James Ellsworth is consistent in being one of the most “over” characters on WWE programming right now. A true underdog, one  Illa YC see’s the perfect X-men comparison. Listen to the show and follow us on Twitter at SlamBrosPod!

Bonus match of the week: Prince Puma vs Pentagon Jr. vs Mil Muertes

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