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Slambros: Problematic Gimmick Matches (PODCAST)

Somehow the SlambrosBoman12L and Illa YC, survived WWE Battleground (one of the worst PPVs all year) with all its problematic gimmick matches and are able to give you the 32nd/36th edition of the show! The dirt sheets return this week on a somber note. After 21 years, Mark Henry will be hanging up the boots to transition to a backstage role. Shane McMahon somehow took a bump from a helicopter. Also, Brock Lesnar may be returning to the UFC – again. No Slambros would be complete without the latest episode in our longest running drama series – ¡Las Aventuras de Alberto El Patrón y sus Amigos!

Boman ponders some new problematic gimmick matches the WWE can use after the terrible Battleground; plus, there are recaps for RAW and Smackdown Live inside. We have more, so stay tuned to the Slambros!

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1:43 Diggin’ in the Dirt
13:31 ¡Las Aventuras de Alberto El Patrón y sus Amigos!
21:37 Battleground Recap
28:50 RAW Recap
41:11 Smackdown Live Recap
49:33 Question of the week

Bonus Match of the Week:Samoa Joe vs Austin Aries