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Slambros: Hell in a Cell 2016

The Slambros return for the 14th 10th episode! In classic form, Boman12L and Illa YC are focused on all things Hell in a Cell 2016. Before then, the two go digging in the dirt sheets. AJ Styles set the internet ablaze revealing he’s hoping for a Shawn Michaels dream match and continued to fan the flames for a possible match at the upcoming Royal Rumble in San Antonio – Michaels’ home town. What could a possible Michaels return mean for AJ and WWE? Is Michaels such a company man he would break his retirement to help Vince put butts in seats? The strange adventures of Alberto El Patron continue this week. The latest twist, girlfriend Paige proposing to El Patron in the middle of a ring. Is there more to this or is Alberto one of the luckiest guys in wrestling right now?

This week’s RAW and Smackdown Live recaps are short; however, the Slambros still make time to discuss Brock Lesnar’s strange homecoming promo in Minnesota. While “No Chin Music” made for a great pop, Boman wonders if maybe we are being over exposed to James Ellsworth?

In the main segment: Hell in a Cell 2016 predictions. This year’s card features three- yes –three Hell in a Cell matches. Is more better or has WWE overbooked themselves into a corner again? With three Cell matches, the Slambros try to figure out who’s doing what spot. Are Owens and Rollins going over the top? Will Roman or Rusev bust down a Cell wall? What about Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair, the first women to ever complete inside Hell in a Cell? Will the ladies end the show, what can be expected from their match? Is Sasha healthy enough for such a physical and possibly brutal match? Not to forget about the undercard, are the New Day costing to Demolition’s record or can Sheamus and Cesaro get it together and win the tiles from them? The Clubs continues to be on a losing streak, even after being the most dangerous tag team on RAW? Can they prove that with a win come Sunday against Enzo and Big Cass? Find us on Twitter at SlamBrosPod!

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Bonus Match of the week: STRONG STYLE! Katsuyori Shibata vs Tomohiro Ishii