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SlamBros: Bronchitis Filled Recaps (PODCAST)

Even with a chest filled with bronchitis, the Slambros, Boman12L and Illa YC, return for the 41st/45th edition! Rumors are running wild this week that Vince McMahon is possible trying to relaunch the XFL of all things. Boman ask Illa “what’s up with Star Wars?” And join us for the season finale of ¡Las Aventuras de Alberto El Patrón y sus Amigos! We have recaps of RAW, Smackdown Live and more inside. Stay tuned to the Slambros! Remember to tell a friend to tell a friend!

Rest in power, Combat Jack.

03:46 Diggin in the Dirt
10:00 Star War: The Last Jedi (Spoilers)
16:16 ¡Las Aventuras de Alberto El Patrón y sus Amigos!
24:03 Raw Recap
42:32 Smackdown Live Recap
56:12 Outro


Bonus Match of the Week: NECRO BUTCHER vs. SAMOA JOE