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FBS No. 44 – The Selfie Episode Feat. @Jabari


That’s right folks it’s the Selfie Episode. The FanBrosShow has finally taken a good long look at itself, and we figured the only way to celebrate is to take a selfie. Since we have the one and only Jabari in the building why not utilize the great filmmaking skills of the young Howard alum and get him to join in the selfie madness. We get to the bottom of whether Jabari considers himself a Fanbro, what drives him as a documentarian, and Jabari gives us some crazy stories from his time interviewing every celebrity that you wish you knew. Plus we announce our new contest, the FanBros Selfie Awards, which you can find out more about on this episode and look forward to a post on the subject asap. Today’s hashtags? #BlameBenhameen #FanBrosSelfie.