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Secrets Were Spilled From The “Solo: A Star Wars Story” Press Junket

What’s up, FanBros? Mellow Marketer here with a few highlights from the Solo: A Star Wars Story press junket. After seeing the movie (releasing this weekend) and enjoying such a stunning cast come together, we thought we’d provide you with a few secrets revealed at one of the funnest press conferences this year:

Harrison Ford Gave His Seal Of Approval To Alden Ehrenreich

The fun started even prior to the event when Harrison Ford himself surprised Alden Ehrenreich with a surprise appearance in another interview earlier that morning. With the pressure of carrying the title of one of the most iconic characters in science fiction, it’s hard to imagine a day went by without Alden anticipating this moment.

“I wanted to talk to Harrison, just to kind of pay respect and have him give us the blessings…” said Alden.  “…today I was doing an interview and they were talking about, you know, is there anything else you’d like to ask him?  […] And I was like, well, I don’t know and they’re like, ‘well, you’ll have your chance’ — and he was behind me.”

Fortunately for Alden, it seemed like the original captain was more than proud of his successor. “It’s just such a huge deal to have him, um, really genuinely love it.  And really genuinely enjoy the film and it meant a lot to me that he took the time to come out here and do that.”

Donald Glover Told His Agent To Make Him Lando In Any Star Wars Movie

It’s no secret that Donald Glover is possibly the greatest highlight of the movie. But, it looks like he was preparing for the role longer than many of us may have expected. “My dad kind of… imprinted me with this kind of Star Wars’ longing,” says the singer/actor.  “Because it does feel like the Bible to me in a lot of ways.”

So much so, that the announcement of Disney’s revitalization of the franchise caused an immediate conversation with Glover’s agent. “I told my agent, I was like,’ if they’re making anything with Lando in it, I have to be Lando.’ And… and he was like: ‘I hear you. I don’t like your odds.'” Apparently, you should also never tell Lando or Donald the odds.

L3-37’s Best Lines Were Improvised By Phoebe Waller-Bridge

With this being the Fleabag star’s first major, big-budget blockbuster under her belt, you’d expect her role to be smaller and in the background. But, proving quite the opposite, L3-37 delivers a particular line about “equal rights” that brings down the house. When asked who was the creator of such a hilarious and progressive moment, screenwriter Jonathan Kasdan responded “That is Phoebe Waller-Bridge.”

Phoebe continued to be a blushing delight as she explained what she loved about her original character. “Well, L3 is a real inspiration to me, so thanks, guys,” said Waller-Bridge. “She’s a self-made droid, so she created herself out of parts of other droids.  It’s… sounds kind of frightening, actually, when I put it like that.”

Joonas Suotama Was Living At Home Before He Was Chewbacca

Some roles are a bit more life changing than others in the cast. Especially for the newest Chewbacca to pick up the mantle, Joonas Suotama. “I really couldn’t sleep at night and I was so excited because… this was a life-changer for me.  I was, I mean, I was… borderline… jobless… when I, when I got this role,” says Suotama. “…my now fiancée, my then girlfriend have seen me going from living with my mom to becoming Chewbacca.”

Paul Bettany Hugged Chewbacca On His First Take

While everyone revealed their most difficult or awkward moments behind the scenes, Paul Bettany’s was one that we could all relate to. ” I blew my first take, ah, which was… meeting everybody and[…]  I had to shake hands with Chewbacca,” says Bettany.  “And I kind of started shaking his hand and I… and I… [LAUGHTER] I went in for a cuddle and, um… and then it was like… actually I think everybody was really relaxed about it and, you know, people were saying everybody does that.”

I know we would too, Paul.


Solo: A Star Wars Story drops nationwide this weekend!