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The Scream Squad – Mock and Shock (PODCAST)

This week on Mock and Shock, Los Leos don their gardening gear and dig into the fertile ground of “fake” docs in the horror genre.  From New Zealand we pay our respects to recent Mockumentary “What We Do In The Shadows” and unearth 1992’s BBC legendary game-changing Shockumentary “Ghost Hunter” (which only aired a single time because too many people believed it was real!). We hop to 1999 to discuss the (commercially successful) rise of the found-footage horrors like The Blair Witch Project and compare whose relatives were the most frightened during the mass panic inducing grandaddy of radio dramas, The War of the Worlds.

So put on your tin foil hat, lock yourself in your safe room and pray that there’s no Shyamalan plot twist in sight as we dive into this week’s Scream Squad!

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