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Scandal’s End: S7 Ep17 “Standing in the Sun” (RECAP)

Standing in the Sun – RECAP

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“Standing in the Sun” sets the pieces for Scandal’s series finale. Once a place of solace, standing in the light is now a sacrificial atonement. The only plan Olivia has left to once and for all defend the Republic. Read the recap below.

The day of Mellie’s hearing has come. With Olivia by her side, Mellie plans to tell the truth, the whole truth, as truth is their weapon. Unfortunately this plan falters when Lonnie shifts his questions’ focus to Olivia. When he asks if Mellie ordered Olivia to assassinate Rashad, she invokes her fifth amendment. He ends the hearing, only to subpoena Olivia Pope for questioning the next day.

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Cyrus and Jake’s plan is working. They pressure Liv into placing the blame on Mellie. Jake even promises Olivia a full pardon. But Liv – the gladiator – has other plans. Put between a rock and a hard place, she sits before Lonnie and with her gut plays her final hand. She admits to the assassination of Rashad, but places the blame not on the White House. Olivia names Command and B6-13 as the culprit.

Olivia’s hearing becomes a confession of B6-13’s 30-year operation of the White House. A secret spy agency working in the shadows as the Republic’s puppet master. She cites Jake Ballard as it’s current leader and the lair within the White House. Lonnie ends the interview in total disbelief. But his mind is curious.

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Everyone is aghast at Liv’s decision. And it goes from worst to more worst when Jake gets the leap on Lonnie, clearing B6-13’s hideout. Without substantial evidence, Lonnie dismisses Olivia’s claims as a distraction and moves forward with his case against Mellie. Meanwhile Liv contemplates on her next move. It’s insane. It’s suicide. But it just may work.

Olivia convinces the team the only way to protect the Republic from Cyrus is to drag their darkness into the light. They have to expose B6-13’s sins, even their own, for the greater good. Both Fitz and Mellie refuse, claiming it will taint their legacies. But Liv reminds them to this point, they have been the villains. Blood on their hands as they all have been complicit with B6-13’s actions. It’s time they become the heroes.

On the other side of the battlefield, Jake Ballard scrambles to savage his own legacy and projector to the Oval. He retreats to the only person who knows him better than anyone else. His surrogate father – Rowan. A heart-to-heart with Papa Pope turns into another verbal lashing at Jake’s expense. When he pulls a gun on Rowan, seeking to kill his creator, Rowan calls his bluff. He denounces one and for all Jake will never be Command. He doesn’t possess the will to be anything other than someone’s lap dog. Jake leaves tail tucked between his legs.

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With Lonnie not taking the bait, Olivia needs another way to convince of B6-13’s existence. With all points leading back to them, they can not merely testify without incriminating themselves. But they can find a mouthpiece for them. The team leaks their accounts to Scandal’s equivalent of a Fox News talking head, Sally Langston.

In a stunning sequence, Ms. Langston announces the claims of B6-13’s threat to the soul of America. With the story on the outside for the public to consume, Cyrus and Jake are unable to control the narrative. And Liv has witnesses prepared corroborate the allegations. Huck, Abby, Quinn, Fitz and Mellie all volunteer to stand in the sun. To follow their Gladiator right off the cliff.

A surreal episode as the Scandal saga comes full-circle. From Amanda Tanner, to Defiance, to now – the series finale will see our anti-heroes’ final act. Will the Gladiators’ sacrifice prevail? Stay tuned April 19th at 10 p.m. for the conclusion of Olivia Pope’s America.


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