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Scandal’s End: S7 Ep15 – The Noise (RECAP)

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Three episodes remain until ABC’s Scandal comes to an end April 19. And the way last week’s episode concluded, a happy ending is out of the question. Read “The Noise” recap below.

Cyrus Beane has gone rogue. The former Chief of Staff and B6-13 officer has settled for vice president. But it isn’t enough. After conspiring to hack his own plane, his approval ratings have skyrocketed. Sympathy for his heroics recorded in the “final” moments between life and death have etched him as a hero. But it’s all a facade.

Cyrus shifted his plot to the next phase – pinning the attempted hijacking on someone else. He and his prosecutor partner Lonnie have arrested Charlie as the prime suspect. They’ve planted the virus on his laptop, and have his tainted history as a B6-13 assassin as leverage. However tortured in custody, Charlie is offered an olive branch.

Beane has prepared a complete confession to the crime that will grant Charlie full immunity. He’d be able to return to Quinn and Robin as a free man. The catch – he must confess he acted on the orders of the president herself, Mellie Grant.

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Meanwhile QPA reluctantly works with Olivia on a strategy to free Charlie. When Quinn receives a call concerning her daughter, it turns out to be Cyrus. He convinces her to save Charlie, reasoning that Olivia doesn’t care about her family. She’s only concerned with saving Mellie for her return to the White House. Unfortunately, Cyrus’ trickery works. Quinn defies Olivia angrily telling her this isn’t about saving the Republic. It’s about saving family – which Olivia no longer possesses.

While Cyrus has rocked the Gladiators’ fortress, his next target his Jake Ballard. When Mellie was approached with Olivia’s accusations, she dismissed them. But deep down she sensed something off about Cyrus. She orders Jake to investigate. Sparring with Cyrus, Jake soon realizes Olivia was right. And Mr. Beane does little to deny it. Instead he offers Jake a deal he can’t refuse.

Dismantling his ego, Cryus makes it plain Jake has always been second rate. He lost Olivia to Fitz; he lost Chief of Staff and Command to Olivia. And if he opts to save Mellie, Ms. Pope will return to her post. His services will no longer be needed. So when Marcus finally convinces Mellie to take Olivia’s warning to heart, it’s too late.

Back at QPA, Liv and Quinn reconcile. Olivia waves her white flag admitting defeat. She owns up to the grave mistake she made in dealing with her father, and that she’s lost her way. She no longer trusts her gut. No longer knows what is right or wrong. But she reassures Quinn she trusts her judgement, detailing how Quinn has never wavered from her sense of justice. Quinn calls Cyrus to renege on their prior agreement, but Cyrus says time is up.

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Mellie finds out via the evening news that Olivia’s claims were true. And the prosecutor has officially subpoenaed President Grant concerning her involvement in the hijacking of Air Force Two, and attempted murder of Cyrus Beane. Mellie recruits Jake to fight this falsehood, but he’s already chose his side. Left alone on the hilltop, Mellie has one option left.

Olivia is beckoned to the Capitol, in the tunnels beneath the White House. There she meets Mellie who reinstates her as Command for one last job: to kill Cyrus Beane. An explosive episode which guarantees a final showdown between Liv and Cyrus. But more importantly, an internal struggle with Olivia’s conscious. Does she serve the Republic, or choose the White Hat?

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