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Scandal’s End: S7, E12 “Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself” (RECAP)

Last week Scandal returned with the highly-anticipated TGIT Crossover. Months after her White House departure, Olivia settles into a new career.  But a chance meeting reunites her with her first love. Read on for our recap of S7, E12, “Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself”.

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When Olivia Met Annalise

Annalise Keating appears in Liv’s class requesting help on a case. She seeks to fast track a human rights issue to the Supreme Court. Olivia is hesitant stating politics is no longer her domain. But old habits die hard – or not at all – as Olivia agrees.

Liv orchestrates a meeting with POTUS, who takes interest in the case. She enlists Fitz and Marcus as well. Annalise states her goal to Mellie, hoping she gets on board. But Mellie feels the time isn’t right, especially with the current Supreme Court.

Olivia agrees to Annalise’s dismay. Challenged as to why, Liv divulges Annalise’s checkered past is the case’s biggest barrier. Despite this red flag, Olivia goes stays on the case.

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Kettle Meet Pot

Without the White House, Olivia schedules a high profile interview. Announcing their intentions is a direct rebuttal to Mellie’s authroity. In retaliation, she enlists Abby to leak Olivia’s firing to the media.

Annalise calls Olivia a hypocrite. Liv counters ridiculing Annalise’s overall disposition. Despite the friction, they prepare for the interview.

When confronted about the controversy, Olivia confirms the reports. However in classic fashion, Olivia gallantly refocuses the segment on Annalise’s case. This small victory evokes a truce. But another battle awaits.

Dynamic Duo

QPA obtains dirt on Justice Spivey with hopes to sway his vote. Quinn must deliver the final bow, but has second thoughts. She remembers her vow to lead QPA with a clean conscious.

Instead she gives the intel to Olivia. Olivia in turn uses it to remind the justice of his duty to a fair and equal defense for every client.

The last effort awards Annalise a chance before SCOTUS. She provides Nathan Lahey Sr. hope, and restores faith in Olivia’s purpose.

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Beyond the Screen

As these final episodes air, I’m reminded how impactful Scandal has been on culture. Before Washington’s Olivia Pope, Diahann Carroll’s Julia (1968) was the last time an African American woman led a network drama series. Since Scandal has had a ripple effect on the industry.

From FOX’s Empire to HBO’s Insecure, roles for black women and men began to trend. While not all were successes (sorry Ms. Good’s Deception and Minority Report), their mere existence shifted the conversation on who’s allowed to tell stories.

Fast forward and we have two black women on screen, living in a space of complete agency. Olivia is both White Hat-gladiator, and power-hungry Command. Annalise is equal courtroom marauder, and emotionally-inept alcoholic.

This moment is the result of proving PoC characters exist detached from stereotypical tropes. They’re more than crutches for a white cast’s comic relief. They’ll survive the zombie apocalypse; find love in a consciously-constructed reality; and, save the world from Thanos.

And we’re all the better for it. It’s handled.

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