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Scandal’s End: “Pressing the Flesh” Season 2, Ep 2 (Recap)

“Pressing the Flesh” Season 2, Ep 2 (Recap)

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POTUS throws a ball as the White House opens its doors for a state dinner. Everyone attends with ulterior motives in the second showing of Scandal’s final season. Mellie woos peace in the Middle East while OPA scours the banquet for clients. And Olivia is stunned when a distraction arrives unexpectedly.

The White House is busier than normal as it prepares a state dinner. While Cyrus is concerned with seating next to a fellow gay, Liv’s focused on the dinner’s guest of honor: President Rashad of Bashran. President Grant seeks a treaty between the two countries, despite the revelation U.S. spies infiltrated the land. In case Mellie fails, Jake is on standby.

The initial plan for peace misses the mark, requiring Liv to entrust plan B6-13. Research reveals Rashad’s niece attends a U.S. university, an act which contradicts his county’s stance against Westernization. Liv presses him to sign the treaty in a step toward progress, speaking to his own changing views of women’s rights. But Rashad deflects reminding Liv of her actions against their ambassador just last week. A plan C seems futile.

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On the other side of the ballroom, Cyrus entertains a new friend while Quinn and associates test the 1% pool for new clients. Cyrus’ new beau is his polar opposite – thinking he can buy himself a governor’s seat. Cyrus dismisses him only to find out there’s more to him beneath the surface. As the Gladiators work the room, Huck stumbles upon a devil in the details.

With no treaty signed, President Rashad departs the dinner when a decorated soldier relays POTUS wants to speak with him privately. As he and the soldier find a room, the unidentified man pulls a gun. It turns out he’s an embittered Bashranian fleshing out an assassination attempt. Huck’s alerted Liv and Jake in time to foil the plot.

Owing them his life, President Rashad agrees to one final talk with Mellie. Somehow she gets through to him on the treaty. Between the moonshine and time of night, he also expresses his admiration for the President on a personal level. Mellie, who exasperated about the “famine in her ladybits” was visibly smitten.

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Olivia is smitten as well. So smitten she schedules a congratulatory romp with boy toy Curtis Pierce. Meeting at her apartment building, they make their way to her door when a familiar voice interrupts the date. Hailing from Vermont Fitzgerald Grant stands in a Deray-blue vest. And scene.

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