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Scandal’s End: Season 7, Ep 3 – “Day 101” (RECAP)

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We finally visit Vermont as this Scandal episode “Day 101” focused on Fitz. We see him cook, buy groceries and adjust to the normalities of being a private citizen. Yep–pretty boring.

The last viewers saw Fitzgerald Grant III, his tongue was down Olivia’s throat. A final kiss goodbye as he vacated 1600 Penn. Now he resides in his wooded cabin, visits the local market and views D.C. from his television screen. He’s fairing fine out of the limelight, even relieving most of his staff of their duties. But like a moth to a flame, he’s drawn to the life he used to know.

In the background of Fitz’s vantage point, we see a young black man protesting the demolishment of a statue on public grounds. Shonda brilliantly mirroring today’s hot button issues. The sole campaigner stages a sit-in, hoping his one voice will start a movement.

Fitz is in a somewhat similar position. As active President he could only do so much, especially with the drama during his tenure. Now he seeks redemption of sorts. Piecing his lasting legacy begins with the presidential library he and Marcus begin to plan.

Days pass as Marcus and Fitz get more familiar with each other. Either cabin fever or the liquor lead the two to fisticuffs, over Olivia of all things. Marcus berates Fitz as being entitled; Fitz retorts Marcus only wants what he has – power. It results in Marcus quitting, crying in the car to Mellie on a “hey big head” phone call. Fitz is left sulking in his privilege.

After one angry black man reads Fitz his rights, another seeks his help. To our surprise, Rowan/Eli Pope approaches Fitz to return to D.C. and help him save his daughter. He fears Olivia will succumb to the darkness that is Command.

Fitz contemplates this request and sees some truth in Rowan’s explanation. After reconciling with Marcus – on the 101st day – he returns to Washington. His first mission: bring some much needed support to our young statue protestor.

We then see him arrive in the present day, standing in front of Liv’s apartment door. Surprising her as she exits the elevator with Curtis Pierce.


This episode felt like filler, but was entertaining nonetheless. It wouldn’t be Scandal without Fitz interrupting Liv’s life. And it seems next week returns us to the hectic ride we’ve come to love these last six seasons.


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