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Scandal’s End: S7 Ep13 “Air Force Two” (RECAP)

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How does Scandal top an assassination attempt, Liv’s kidnapping and Huck’s fight back from the dead? A hacked aircraft aimed at the White House. The world stands still while Liv celebrates her mother’s birthday. Another recap is down below.


VP Cyrus Beene is giddy with glee as he prepares the finishing touches to a hilarious speech. He plans on giving it at a posh Washington dinner. But when Mellie’s schedule changes, so does Cyrus’s. Instead Mellie books him a trip to Lisbon for a piracy summit. He smells Jake Ballard all over this happenstance.

David Rosen accompanies Cyrus onto Air Force Two. While David’s ecstatic, Cyrus can’t get over his demoting. But all the smugness stop suddenly as the plane violently jerks. Not turbulence – apparently the aircraft has been hacked. A laptop on the plane contained a virus, infiltrating the cockpit’s controls. The plane’s destination – the White House.

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Back on the ground, Olivia pays mother Maya a birthday visit. The two seem to enjoy each other’s company, until Maya sees past Olivia’s fantastical view of their relationship. Unable to cope, Liv then grab’s her phone taking in the news.

Soon the news has spread city-wide, hitting the associates of QPA. Just as Abby felt distraught at the thought of David purchasing an engagement ring, her world halted as she thought about life without him. Luckily Charlie and Huck work their B6-13 magic to receive the plane’s signal via a weather satellite.

At the WH, panic ensues at the only option for everyone’s sake rises to the top of the agenda. In the event of a hijacked aircraft, protocol calls for fighter planes to shoot it down. Jake suggests this as their only alternative, Mellie demands to weigh their other options.

POTUS senses Jake is behind this diabolical plot; but, he promises if he wanted to eliminate Cyrus, he would do so much more quietly and less reckless. With him off the list of suspects, Mellie proceeds with their last resort.

The fighters are in the air when Liv seeks to assist the White House. Maya is appalled she continues to sympathize with the very entity that threw her baby out to the wolves. She sees the inevitable demise of Air Force Two as justice. Liv leaves appalled.

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Before Cyrus and David prepare their last rites, our VP delivers a powerful speech on patriotism, electing to serve his country, even in death. It’s all captured on a specific reporter’s phone streaming live, for the country to see. Fortunately Charlie is able to disable the virus and save the plane. A sigh of relief.

But something in Liv’s gut leads her to Cyrus’ office. Just between the two of them, Liv concludes Cyrus was behind the hack, to elevate his profile in the White House and diminish Jake’s presence. When she asks his long-game, Cyrus infers he isn’t patient. He’s plotting for the Oval ASAP.

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Cyrus “the Monster” Beene flex his muscle. It feels like 2012 Scandal when Liv’s greatest enemy is the closest one. Cyrus v. Everybody is set. I can’t wait to watch. And tune in for weekly recaps right here on FanBros.com.