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Scandal’s End: S7 Ep14 “The List” (RECAP)

Old habits die hard for Olivia as a new case brings back her white hat. As she searches for a missing intern, QPA receives a tip about the conspirator behind the plane hacking. It’s just another day in the fictional Washington D.C. of Scandal. Continue reading for the full recap of S7 Ep 14 – The List.


Last week’s revelation left Olivia reeling. She took her suspicions about Cyrus to Abby, hoping QPA would look into it. Abby can’t promise anything since the information is coming from Liv, so she withholds her source. Quinn and Co. begin work on the case with no progress. However all progress ends once they find out Abby’s hunch came from Olivia.

Meanwhile Liv meets a father from Ohio. He’s worried about his daughter, Alicia Francis, an intern who he hadn’t talked to in a week. Further digging reveals Alicia lost her job on the Hill due to her inability to “play the game.” This game involves a rating system of all female interns, their bosses and indecent proposals. Soon a missing person’s case shifts to exposing the vile pattern of sexual harassment and abuse embedded in the workplace.

The case and the need for justice heightens when Alicia’s body is found. She took her own life. In grief her father takes his frustrations out on Olivia. She was his daughter’s role model, and now he blamed Liv for her demise. Liv looks to expedite her case taking it to Mellie through Marcus. But Mellie shies away from taking it on.

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Hitting a dead end, Liv and her two associates seek another angle. Then Liv remembers Alicia’s roommate is also an intern and on the list. She was hired meaning she unfortunately slept with her boss. Liv attempts to persuade her to come forward, being the evidence they need to make the accusations stick. But she hesitates fearing her own career will be ruined.

Back at the White House, Mellie and Jake burn the midnight oil on a bill. After having a moonshine-infused moment, they call it a night. The next morning she asks his advice on bringing the harassment claims to the forefront of her agenda. He advises against it stating they should wait. Frustrated with this circumstance, the conversation soon covers the previous night’s incident. In doing so, it reveals the double standard in Jake’s advances toward Mellie. A powerful scene holding a mirror up to our society.

Olivia’s case is drowning. Without Mellie or QPA’s help, Alicia and the many other victims will never see justice. That’s when her roommate arrives ready to come forward with her story. In a touching scene, she confesses to the horrid harassment many women like her face in Congress. The press conference is the first step toward ridding the Hill of the vile treatment of women. It also pushes Mellie to add the cause to her list. And Abby builds her bridge back to Olivia. While these two mend their relationship, Huck and the NSA discover the identity of the hacker.

Huck reveals to Quinn the virus was found on Charlie’s laptop the day BEFORE the hacking. When she confronts him he denies any involvement. Quinn finally believes him when the FBI bursts into the firm, arresting Charlie as the main suspect in Air Force Two’s hacking.

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Cyrus is coming for everything and everybody in his ascension to President. With three episodes left, Scandal is leaving absolutely no prisoners. Stay tuned for more next week. Same FanBros time, same FanBros channel.

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