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Scandal’s End: “Vampires & Bloodsuckers” – S7, E6 (RECAP)

Scandal – Season 7, Episode 6: Vampires and Bloodsuckers (Recap)

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Our once valiant Gladiator sinks deeper into the darkness on Scandal. Olivia’s power obsession threatens those she loves, ringing truth to her father’s forewarning. Olivia, you in danger girl.

The White House’s attempt to save Bashran ended in the explosive murders of President Rashad and his niece, Yasmin. His death cemented the coup leaders control, leaving the U.S. in a precarious state. Mellie seeks to bring the rebels to heel. But news of who killed Rashad changes everything.

B6-13 orchestrated the hit. Just another day at the Oval Office – until the truth gets out. Quinn, a day before her wedding, confronts Olivia about her callous, cold decision. Olivia reminds Quinn how her decision-making saved Quinn once upon a time. But Quinn isn’t having it, rebutting Liv with an ugly read: she was never about justice.

Olivia is visibly shaken. Her guilt grows when Quinn –scheduled to marry Charlie the next morning – is nowhere to be found. The team initially dismisses her absence as cold feet. But their greatest fears come true as Huck unearths Quinn’s investigation in Rashad’s death.

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The team goes into crisis mode – like old times – for one of their own. But behind Liv’s resilient focus lies fear.  As they trace Quinn’s last 24 hours, Olivia works to erase any evidence of their meeting, as it will expose her as the guilty party. To further deflect suspicion, she and Jake frame an easy target: Cyrus’ new boyfriend.

Cyrus first denies Fenton’s involvement, but he connects the dots. He recently provided Fenton security clearance, and remembered his investments in the Middle East. It’s all the bait Charlie as he kidnaps Fenton for a torture session.  Luckily, Cyrus provides Fenton’s alibi – barring Charlie from mercilessly murdering an innocent man.

With their only lead gone, the team is back at square one. The happiest day of Charlie’s life became a complete nightmare. The episode concludes on a somewhat happier note. Mellie makes history with the signing of the Nuclear Summit treaty. And Olivia and Jake happenstance on a new lead in Quinn’s disappearance.

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I really loved how this episode reunited the OPA – currently QPA – family. While they no longer work together daily, it was reassuring to see they still had each other’s backs. I was really impressed by Charlie, a character I vehemently hated. His growth as a character has been amazing to witness.

And I must admit, while I wasn’t here for “Operation Save Olivia,” I finally see what Rowan was trying to prevent. No one knows Liv more than her father, and he honestly didn’t want her to endure what Command demands of its owner. His method was problematic, but he meant well.

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