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Scandal’s End: S7 Ep 10 “The People v Olivia Pope” (RECAP)

The People v Olivia Pope – RECAP

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The stakes are high as Scandal turns the tables on our praised gladiator. While Olivia faces an ugly truth, Charlie comes to grips with the truth about Quinn. And Mellie stomachs an unfortunate truth about her White House.

The joyous coos of Janet’s “When I Think of You” opens the episode as Liv and Fitz bask in the afterglow. Wrapped in his bathrobe, Liv accepts Fitz’s invitation to Vermont. But the idyllic getaway has some unexpected guests. Olivia has walked into an ambush – an intervention.

Huck, Abby, David and Marcus join Fitz in dismantling Olivia’s addiction to power. The disease led her to murder two people. And when she feared being outed, she turned on her own. Disconnected from the outside world, Liv’s locked in her room until she accepts the help their offering.

Meanwhile as Liv faces her guilt in Quinn’s death, Charlie discovers Quinn and the child are alive. Rowan faked her death in an attempt to save his daughter. For the plan to work and bring Olivia to heel, Quinn and the baby must remain invisible . Charlie is against the idea of them living in hiding. But he understands it’s what’s best for everyone.

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Back in Vermont, each gladiator shoots their shot with Olivia. First Abby and David plead she’d recognize her misstep. Next Huck – Liv’s most loyal comrade – rejects her benevolent attempt to appease his sentiments. Finally Fitz’s  kind consultation eases Olivia out of the room. She’s agreed to resign her position and leave B613 to Jake.

Speaking of Admiral Jake Ballard, he makes nothing but enemies inside the White House. His frantic search for Liv pits him against Cyrus and Mellie as they discover the two were behind Rashad’s assassination. When Mellie pushes for the truth, Jake hits her with it: Olivia killed Rashad because Mellie’s emotions would counteract her presidency. The ultimate cockblock.

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As the world awaits her planned resignation, Olivia is already on her next move. With a coy smile, Liv double crosses her friends having no intention of quitting anything. Instead she fires back at Mellie with a kill dossier, threatening her into silence. And without any hard evidence, the case against Olivia in the murder of Quinn is dismissed.

In a final stroke of power, Mellie puts on her executive hat, besting Olivia at her own game. Liv walks through 1600 Penn – strutting to Miss Jackson’s “Black Cat” – thinking she’s going to perch behind her desk. But it’s no longer her desk, office or job. Olivia’s been Omarosa’d. FIRED.

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The corruption of Olivia Pope has been a sight to see. They say you either die a hero, or live long enough to become the villain. Let’s see how many lives our Gladiator has left.

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