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Scandal’s End: “Watch Me” Season 7 Episode 1 (RECAP)

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“Fight the Power” blares as her white shoes stomp the halls of the White House. The White Hat is kicking ass and taking names. In Olivia Pope’s last hurrah, the former campaign manager is where she’s worked to be. Meant to be. In Command. We begin our recap series of the final season of Scandal, dubbed Scandal’s End with Episode 1, “Watch Me”.

Scandal’s final season premiered last night. It’s as smart and taut as it’s initial season. A moment that birthed live-tweeting as we know it. In an America where the woman won, Olivia Pope is the neck of Mellie Grant’s head, silently guiding 1600 Penn as the new head of B6-13. One which opts for light rather than darkness.

We open with Olivia and Rowan father exchanging bards dressed in false smiles. Rowan warns Liv her wanting it all – B6-13, the White House, her White Hat – is futile. Olivia simply retorts with two words: “watch me.”

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Liv’s tested as a CIA agent is apprehended in Bashan. Jake – her right hand “D*** In a Box – advises his elimination citing he’s now psychologically compromised. But a meeting with Huck, who has always been Liv’s conscious, pushes her to side with her gut. She demands a rescue mission.

Meanwhile Cyrus seems unhappy with his position as Vice President. Mellie shines as POTUS, leaving Beane to field minimal tasks. He’s being Veep‘ed. A congresswoman entices Cyrus with a run for POTUS in four years as a Democrat. All he has to do is relinquish ownership of the Vargas Bill.

To our surprise Cyrus does the right thing. He rejects the offer and cements his allegiance to the presidency. And it was all a test perpetrated by Ms. Pope. In Command.

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Outside the Oval Office, Liv is pursued by political pundit Curtis Pierce (Jay Hernandez). Being he’s on the other side of the aisle, this relationship is sure to be lit. Hopefully it doesn’t interfere with her arrangement with Jake.

Speaking of Jake, he supersedes Olivia, convincing Mellie on the assassination. Appalled Liv flexes her muscle threatening Bashan’s ambassador with his son’s life. In exchange the agent is safely returned, foiling the secret kill mission. In true Command style, Liv saves the day.

Because of these bloody moves, Liv adjusts her fleet. Jake apologizes, but Liv admits the fault was hers as they both became too “comfortable.” Like a pimp on 125th Street, Liv politely ends their cohabitation.  And when Mellie forgets who’s in charge, Liv’s Thelma & Louise monologue shakes the very patriarchal foundation to remind her.

Scandal's End

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Quinn and the gang struggle to keep “& Associsates” afloat. Personally I couldn’t care less. Without Liv the independent fixer uppers seem a bit bland. But I’m sure they’ll cross paths multiple times this season.

The final season is off to a wonderful start. Liv is eating – no Zeke Elliott. But I’m sure father knows best. Her juggling act can’t last forever. This is Scandal we’re talking about. And as long as that man in Vermont still breathes, I’m sure Liv’s pimp hand will lose grip.

And I’ll be here each Thursday night at 9 ET to witness.