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San Diego Comic Con 2016: Thursday Preview Night Rundown

What’s up, FanBros! We’re here with a mini-drop to keep you on top of  things with San Diego Comic Con 2016. Here’s some of the hottest news we’ve discovered coming out of Thursday’s Preview Night.

The Russo Brothers have announced a  “Deadly Class” TV series:


Deadly Class has been a favorite around the FanBros spaceship for quite some time. It’s a mash-up of the story of a school for teenage assassins and the author, Rick Remender‘s, teenage punk rock/homeless delinquent phases in life.

This will be produced by The Russo Brothers (Captain America: Civil War, Community), who are on a hot streak after also announcing the TV series for The Warriors just three weeks ago. Do not be surprised if we also see an announcement for any more adaptations of Remender’s books (Black Science), as he has alluded to in the past.


First Footage of “The Tick”:

The Tick

The suit has been revealed (featuring Peter Serafinowicz) for the reboot of the live-action iteration of The Tick, being produced by Amazon. This has been a long-time favorite of this writer for it’s ridiculous and incredibly accurate take-down of so many cliche superhero tropes and is definitely necessary today. The series is also being produced by the original live-action actor, Patrick Warburton, and it was written by Wally Pfister of Transcendence fame. Amazon has yet to order a full season.


Live-Action Pokemon Movie will be “Detective Pikachu”:


As discussed on the most recent episode of FanBros Podcast, a live-action Pokemon movie has been announced by Legendary Pictures. More details have emerged that the movie will follow the adventures of “Detective Pikachu.” This new sub-section of the franchise has actually released its first game in February about a different Pikachu from the one most fans are familiar with, who wears a Sherlock-esque hat and solves a variety of mysteries. The introduction of this character’s alarmingly deep, gumshoe-esque voice has resparked the demand to have Danny De Vito do the American voice-over.


MARVEL TV returns to SDCC and dropped several trailers and sizzle reels:

It looks like MARVEL has came back in full force for SDCC 2016 with sizzle reels of their three highly anticipated new series:

Luke Cage:


Iron Fist:

The Defenders:


Keep up with FanBros, as we continue to give you coverage of SDCC 2016, major announcements and all things geek.