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I Know What You Did in Riverdale: S2, Ep20 “Shadow of a Doubt” (RECAP)

Shadow of a Doubt – RECAP

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Midge’s death and the subsequent search for her killer sets Riverdale ablaze. Hiram and his new sheriff stir the chaos, while Archie and Jughead find themselves on opposing sides. And both Betty and Veronica face major daddy issues.

On the eve of the first mayoral debate, Hiram Lodge is piecing together a new strategy. Fred Andrews has built up quite a grassroots following. And his former secret weapon – Fred’s son Archie – has swayed his loyalty back to his biological father. However Hiram knows Archie’s weak spot. It dons a hood and has a thirst for blood.

Hiram ever-so smartly coerces Archie to revive his racist teen-terrorist group, the Dark Circle, citing the new sheriff supports the militia. Seeing red Archie recruits Reggie and the old gang to be on the lookout for the Hood and Midge’s murder. Because now Hiram has laid the foundation that these crimes are from two separate perpetrators.

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This sentiment stirs the pot on who killed Midge. As they dismiss the Hood as a prime suspect, Jughead begins to backtrack. This is when Moose reveals Midge was cheating on him with someone else. This new development shifts the investigation. Soon Jug discovers the other man was Fangs Fogarty, a fellow Serpent. When Jughead walked in on him and Midge backstage the night of the play, they were doing more than running her lines.

With Jughead’s behind-the-scenes footage in the sheriff’s possession, it isn’t long until authorities arrest Fangs as the prime suspect. Luckily the Serpents hire Sierra McCoy as his lawyer, who begins the terms of his release. This doesn’t sit well with many residents specifically the Dark Circle. Unbeknownst to Archie, the gang descends upon a Serpent hangout, slashing tires and smashing windows.

The next morning Archie seeks to disband the entity, noting that they aren’t being productive. Reggie doubles down on their actions citing Archie is no longer in charge as he and the others work for Hiram. This deepens the rift between Archie and his mentor.

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Elsewhere Betty Cooper’s gut has placed her father Hal as the Black Hood. Before jumping to conclusions, she comes clean to her parents about Chic and her involvement with the Hood. A coy bait to see how her father would react. Seeking more answers, she and cousin Cheryl search for hard cold evidence to corroborate Betty’s hypothesis. Sneaking around her dad’s bachelor bungalow, she finds his assignment book. Several appointments align with the Hood’s killing spree – including a business trip at the time of Ms. Grundy’s murder. Making matters worse she finds the same Nancy Drew book the Hood used in their previous communications. Betty must confront her father for the truth.

As Betty suffers paternal pains, Veronica faces her own. Hiram scheduled a litany of suitors from several mob families for Veronica to entertain. Her job is to find an eligible bachelor for the Lodges to partner with in a future business endeavor. Veronica finds her man so to speak, and pitches the workings of a new casino for Riverdale. However Hiram rebukes Veronica’s deal, citing the family isn’t clean. When Veronica refuses to settle, Hiram doubles down citing her stunt with Nick as proof she isn’t made for this business.

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It’s Andrews versus Lodge as Fred and Hermione face off. When Hermione cites the arrest of Midge’s killer, Fred interjects with the fact Fangs must have a fair trial. Seeing how this sways the crowd, Hermione goes for the jugular. As a way to contradict Fred’s family first morals and leadership ability, she reveals Archie as the Dark Circle’s leader. Unfortunately Fred’s rebuttal is cut short as bullets ring throughout the auditorium. The Black Hood has interrupted the event.

Fortunately no one is injured, but the chaos left many rattled. Back at the Lodge household, Veronica pleads for them to back out of the race. But Hiram cites they are in the perfect position. Veronica senses her father choosing this over their safety, she shifts her allegiance to Fred Andrews’ campaign.

Meanwhile the Black Hood’s appearance at the debate confirmed Hal wasn’t the masked marauder. But some reason Betty’s intuition isn’t believing what she is seeing.

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On the other side of town, the Serpents are working to get Fangs out of jail. It’s a difficult task as townspeople have surrounded the prison with picket signs. With no easy terrain to trod, Jughead and Toni lead Fangs and the Serpents through the crowd. Among the crowd a stewing Reggie stalks the murder suspect, guided by Hiram’s manipulative guidance. In his pocket, a loaded gun.

Reggie’s misguided fight for justice finds him pointing the weapon just as Archie tackles him to the ground. But it’s too late. As they roll to their knees, a single bullet escapes the barrel, dispersing the crowd. In its wake Fangs collapses with blood seeping from his chest.

As death struck again, a knock on Cheryl Blossom’s front door reveals an unwanted guest: the Black Hood. An amazingly insane episdoe sets the framework for our final two episodes of season two. What did you think of “Shadow of a Doubt.” Tell us below in the comments, and return here for more Riverdale.