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I Know What You Did in Riverdale: S2, Ep19 “Prisoners” (RECAP)

Riverdale: S2, Ep19 – Prisoners (RECAP)

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Last week’s Riverdale saw past demons haunt and hold the town hostage. Veronica fights to save Archie from a familiar foe. And a family secret pushes the Coopers to the edge. All awhile the darkness of the Black Hood watches from the shadows.

Midge’s murder ricochets throughout the city. But there’s no time to mourn. Grief soon turns to fear as it’s clear the Black Hood has returned. The fear drives Cheryl Blossom call for Sheriff Keller’s demotion, being he’s incapable of keeping them safe. The same fear bottles up to revenge inside Archie Andrews, who still suffers with PTSD from the attack on his father. Determined not to be a victim again, Archie pursues any leads and finds himself in a bind.

Archie is kidnapped by black hooded thugs, but it isn’t the menacing murderer. Instead it’s teen rapist Nick St. Clair. He’s enacting revenge on the Lodges through Archie, holding him on a million dollar ransom. When Hiram refuses to free Archie, Veronica takes things into her own hands.

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Meanwhile Betty can’t help but think Chic may have been responsible for Midge’s death. Investigating a link between him and Mr. Svenson, she and Jughead return to Sisters of Mercy. They discover Chic isn’t her brother at all. When confronted with this lie, Chic goes on the offense before being knocked unconscious. They tie him up in the basement, demanding he tell them the truth. He confesses that Charles overdosed one day after Alice rejected him at their doorstep.

Heartbroken Alice remembers dismissing a young man years ago. Seeing how she was responsible for her biological son’s death, she falls into a deep sadness. She finds herself at FP’s trailer, finally confessing that Charles was his son she gave up for adoption. And that because of her their child was dead.

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As Betty holds Chic hostage, Veronica plays negotiator with Nick. When she can’t scavenge a milli to buy Archie out, she hatches a plan. Nick’s only other offer is a night with him, for old’s time sake, and he’ll release Archie. Veronica reluctantly agrees. Nick being the disgusting human rodent he is broadcasts his date with Veronica for Archie to watch. Enraged Archie miraculously frees himself. Archie races to rescue Veronica, but the damsel doesn’t need saving. Turning the tables on Nick, she drugged his champagne, forcing his father to pay out for his son’s return.

Patience is running thin with Chic. Neither believe his OD story, so Betty and Jughead search for answers at his old apartment building. A tenant speaks fondly of Betty’s brother, lamenting he was the the good one. When Betty asks about his last days, the woman only remembers Chic and Charles arguing. And then one day Charles was gone with Chic seen disposing of bloody sheets and pillow cases.

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Just as Betty assumes the worst of Chic, she receives a call from none other than the Black Hood. She can’t go to the police about Chic without implicating her mother in a murder; and, killing him herself will leave blood on her hands. The Black Hood offers her a way out: bring Chic to him. Make him pay for his sins. With a gun she forces Chic to follow her out into the woods, near the cemetery.

Facing certain death Chic finally confesses to losing his cool as he and Charles argues one day. Thinking of the level of deceit Chic wrought in her family, Betty gives Chic a head start to run for his life. Enough time to outrun the Black Hood. Betty looks onward as the hooded monolith chases her brother’s killer into the unknown.

Returning home Betty promises Alice that Chic is gone. Lying she says she dropped him off at the bus station. When Betty asks her father’s whereabouts, Alice mentions he went looking for her. Suddenly a look of bewilderment overcomes Betty. Could she have known the Black Hood all along?