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I Know What You Did in Riverdale: S2 Ep17 – The Noose Tightens (RECAP)

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Nothing is more consistent than change. And our residents of Riverdale are a testament to this proverb. While our boy scout switches his necktie for a Goodfella suit, his gal pal next door eats of the Serpent’s fruit. And the mean girl Queen B  becomes a damsel in distress. Read the full FanBros recap of The Noose Tightens below!

Archie Andrews’ teenage angst rebellion has reached an insufferable high. If we thought last season’s affair with Grundy was the tipping point, think again. As the Lodges continue their crusade, Hiram’s apprentice sinks further into the mob abyss. Archie hit a point of no return when he prioritized Hiram’s business ventures over his family.

While Fred Andrews made his formal announcement for the mayoral seat, his son was wrangling with mobsters donning Sub-Zero masks. A betrayal within the Lodge’s inner sanctum drives Archie to form the Dark Circle – a more sinister replica of his Red Circle militia. All to serve his surrogate parents and girlfriend. I cannot wait for this relationship to end, for Archie’s sake.

As Archie reaches new lows, the Cooper women come face to face with an inevitable truth: they love bad boys. When authorities discover the dead man’s vehicle in the swamp, Betty and Alice resort to desperate measures to cover their tracks. Things get murkier when Chic, thinking he’s helping, contacts the car owner. She promises to remain quiet for a price.

Courtesy of TVLine.com

This latest escapade goes awry when Chic’s former associate – we’ll call him Mr. Boxcutter – arrives unannounced to reap the $10K cash prize. Just as switchblades are drawn, Betty’s boyfriend and his Serpent brothers arrive to outnumber the odds. This latest brush with death is Chic’s pink slip as Alice requests he move to immediately. And as the valor act sealed Betty and Jughead’s partnership, Alice – now single – returns to her true love: the Southside and FP Jones.

Our final arc highlights the whereabouts of Cheryl Blossom. Last week we witnessed poor Cheryl banished to Sisters of Quiet Mercy – the same convent the Blossoms sent Polly Cooper. Cheryl withstands copious manual labor and what appears to be some twisted from of gay conversion therapy. It appears Cheryl’s sexual curiosity brewed for awhile, being the perfect excuse Penelope used to rid of her daughter.

Fortunately Cheryl’s newest friend Toni Topaz senses something is off. Easily disproving Penelope’s story of Cheryl attending a Switzerland boarding school, Toni recruits Veronica and Kevin to rescue Cheryl. The rescue mission is successful. Cheryl is rescued by her knight in shinning Serpent jacket.

While a great episode, ‘The Noose Tightens” exhibited a few flaws. Josie and Kevin remain mishandled, serving only as devices to advance the plot. And Archie’s allegiance to Hiram seems confusing. He’s clearly suffering from PTSD, and someone needs to address it. Perhaps his mother will reach him. Let us know what you think in the comments below. And be sure to catch up on all our previous recaps, right here on FanBros.com!