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I Know What You Did in Riverdale: S2 Ep16 “Primary Colors” (RECAP)

Riverdale: S2 Ep16 – Primary Colors

Resistance rises in Riverdale as the Lodge initiative takes shape. While the Serpents take a last stand for the Southside, Veronica takes one for the home team. And both Betty and Cheryl battle stranger danger in their respective homes.

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The Lodge women set out on two separate campaigns. Hermione begins her run for mayor, as Veronica plays smoke screen and aims for student council president. She enlists endorsements from Betty, Josie and Andy Cohen (?). But a successful smudge campaign rips her sails and builds a rift between her and Betty.

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As V and B become foes, Archie and Jughead choose sides as well. Hiram once again breaks his word and accelerates the demolition of Southside High. Jughead at wit’s end stages a final protest, chaining himself and the Serpents to the empty school building. He also enacts a hunger strike in efforts to stall Hiram’s tyranny.

On the other side, Archie is unmovable with his support of Hiram. And it causes issues with his friends and family. Archie’s siding with the Lodges strains his relationship with his father, so much so his mother visits. After reading Archie for filth about disrespecting his father, she announces she’s going to be staying for awhile as Fred plans to run for mayor against Hermione. Just as Jughead plans to run for class president against Veronica.

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Shifting gears we focus on the darkness consuming the Cooper household. Betty finally sees the error in finding Chic, discovering he doesn’t contain an ounce of Blossom blood. Despite not being her father’s child, Betty’s mother insists on allowing Chic live with them. Betty can only assume Chic’s father is none other than Alice’s old high school flame, FP Jones.

Betty attempts to convince Alice of Chic’s nefarious ways, but it backfires. Instead Chic tattles about Betty and Jughead’s sex life. To make amends with Alice, Betty agrees to a truce with Chic. But they’re at the point of no return. Betty decides to stay with Jughead for awhile afraid of what Chic may do.

Speaking of afraid, Cheryl is petrified. After hearing her mother and uncle discuss ridding of her, she becomes paranoid. Her mother dismisses her accounts as mere delusions. But when her wheelchair-bound grandmother takes a tumble down the staircase, Cheryl suspects foul play. And rightfully so.

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While her grandmother lay clinging to life Cheryl finds out a rare plant was found in her system. Penelope poisoned Nanny Blossom – paralyzing her – and Claudius shoved her down the stairs. To keep Cheryl quiet, Penelope sends her to a convent for conversion therapy.

Never in a million years would I be rooting for Cheryl, and denouncing Archie. But the writers have me all twisted up in the game. Stay tuned next week for another dose of Riverdale crazy.