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I Know What You Did In Riverdale: S2 Ep14 “The Hills Have Eyes” (RECAP)

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Our favorite foursome seek a weekend of romp and refuge at Hodge Lodge.  Elsewhere Cheryl makes a new friend, while Kevin pushes one away. It’s what happens when teens stop being polite – and start getting real. The Real World: Riverdale.

When unplanned business matters arise, Hiram and Hermione have to leave town. Skipping out on a family outing, Hiram opens his luxurious lake house to Veronica and Archie. He even goes as far as inviting Jughead and Betty.

A parent allowing his teen daughter and her friends spend an unchaperoned weekend in their romantic cabin? Only in Riverdale. However, the romance doesn’t last long as their problems creep in on this getaway. 

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After some annoyingly corny romps, the refuge becomes a battleground. First Veronica sees Archie conversing with one of Hiram’s spies, checking in on her. Then Jughead gets news Hiram has bought Sunnyside Trailer park, preventing any evictions. But he only sees it as a chess move from Mr. Lodge.

When the other three think otherwise, Jughead’s suspicions of the Lodges is only confirmed when Betty relays Hiram has purchased The Register.

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Back in town Cheryl, Kevin and Josie suffer parental issues. Cheryl’s mother insists on running the Blossom estate as a brothel. Their divide has widened as Cheryl seeks some companionship. Oddly enough she finds it in Toni Topaz. After seeing “Love, Simon,” Cheryl and Toni connect on a intimate level.

Kevin and Josie’s parents plan to go public with their relationship. Neither are quite divorced yet, which angers both offspring respectively. But they look forward to making amends, together. In addition to Kevin’s familial issues, his main crush Moose is back to dating girls. This causes an issue when said girlfriend insists on them hanging out together.

Back at the cabin, Hiram’s latest purchase pits couple against couple. Blame is thrown as well as slut-shaming until a crash heard within the home. Intruders interrupt the friends quarrel.

Wielding hatchets and demanding money, the hoodlums threaten their lives. Luckily Veronica triggers a silent alarm scaring off the would-be killers. Of course, Archie hast to defend his girl and ego, so he chases the hooded thug.

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Archie chases the masked assailant into the woods. They run into Hiram’s right-hand Andre, who promises he’ll handle it. As Archie leaves, he hears a single gun shot erupt the silent forest.

A decent episode that could have fared better without the gratuitous sexcapades. I know this world is soap opera adjacent – but the level of believability was quite low. I’m glad we finally have formed story lines for Cheryl. She’s a character her deserves more. Hopefully it isn’t too little to late for Kevin and Josie.

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