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I Know What You Did in Riverdale: S2, Ep13 “The Tell-Tale Heart” (RECAP)

Tell-Tale Heart – RECAP

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Last night’s Riverdale resembled an episode of How to Get Away With Murder as our teen gumshoes face bigger crimes. Veronica and Jughead battle her father at his own game. And Archie and Betty seek refuge from the blood on their hands.

Betty Cooper returned home from Jughead’s to find her mother, Alice, wiping a man’s blood from her living room floor. As her brother Chic cries in the corner, Alice swears it was self defense. Instead of calling the police, Betty aids in disposing the body. But the experience haunts Betty to the point of paranoia.

Jughead finally pieces together the clues to the series of property closings on the Southside. He takes his suspicions straight to Mayor McCoy, accusing her of taking bribes from the Lodges. Threatening to expose the partnership, Hiram extends an olive branch to Jughead and FP, promising not to sell the trailer park. But hidden underneath this promise is a bribe to save his own neck. The Joneses decline Hiram’s deal.

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This development forces the Lodges to adjust their plan’s timeline. However this doesn’t sit well with Sierra. With her stalling progress, Hiram and Hermione devise a plan to force her hand. They planned to expose her extramarital activity’s which would disgrace her out of her seat. But a tip-off allows McCoy to resign claiming the need to focus on her family. There’s a leak in the Lodge combine.

While Veronica maneuvers to keep her parents’ morality intact, Archie does the same for Hiram. When Agent Adams questions Archie about the Lodges involvement in an associate’s death, Archie claims Hiram had nothing to do with it. Instead of taking his word for it, Adams intensifies his surveillance requesting Archie wiretap Hiram’s study. Pinned between a rock and hard place, Archie comes clean about his double life to Hiram. Mr. Lodge promises the agent will be handled.

Archie’s coming clean books him an impromptu meeting with the big boss. Dante- the Lodge’s personal driver – picks him up in the company car. Driven to the outskirts of town, Archie arrives to a cliff to meet his employer. Expecting Hiram, the big boss is surprisingly Hermione. She placed Agent Adams as a plant testing Archie’s loyalty, and he passed with flying colors. He’s officially a part of the family.

While the Lodges add an addition to their staff, the Coopers make an unlikely alliance. Unable to tell anyone else about the murdered man, Betty convinces Alice they need help disposing any trace of the body. She and Jughead rid of the vehicle. But the body seems more difficult. Betty enlists the aid of FP, Alice’s old Serpent flame.

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This spells a rekindling of sorts. While Hal hangs with Penelope Blossom, Alice and FP will definitely swap venom. And while it’s a wonderful development, I fear Betty has naively trusted Chic. Hal may be trash, but his intuition about his first born child are absolutely right. One of this season’s best episodes, Riverdale is finally recovering from any remnants of the uneven Black Hood narrative.