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I Know What You Did in Riverdale: S2, EP 4 “The Town That Dreaded Sundown” (RECAP)

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Panic and fear settle in Riverdale as the Black Hood pushes Archie to the edge. Betty receives a haunting telegram. And Hiram Lodge’s hand reveals a sinister plan.

Archie’s message to the Black Hood went viral. But The Red Circle’s presence draws ire of local authorities and school administration. The Red Circle disbands, but its ideology lingers. With the help of Veronica, the Red Circle morphs into a movement among Riverdale High students.

The strong support emboldens Archie. With suspicions the Hood is a Southsider, Archie marches across town to make a statement. Tagging buildings with his red emblem, he’s greeted by Sweet Pea of the Serpents. The Serpents threaten Archie with a knife, but Master Andrews was dumb smart enough to bring a gun to a blade fight.

I found it odd how easily Archie succumbed to this dark side. Eerily reminded me of how fear of the unknown can rapidly morph people against each other, for reasons they don’t even understand. We see this divisiveness play out later.

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In a detailed letter, Betty learns she’s the Black Hood’s muse. Frightened, she keeps the letter between her and Kevin. But Jughead inadvertently finds out the secret. The two pair with Kevin and Toni to solve a cryptic message and figure out Hood’s next target. But Betty’s assumption of the murderer being from the Southside enrages Toni ending the study hall.

An ugly war is brewing. While relations between North and South Riverdale have always been tumultuous, the recent killings have intensified the sentiments. The rivalry comes to a head during a town hall meeting to discuss safety provisions.

As Alice Cooper’s Trumpian fight fire with fire counters Fred Andrews’ open-palm approach, Hiram and Hermione Lodge sit in veiled excitement. Hiram planted this seed of chaos, which seems to be only an inkling of a larger overtaking. The two find pleasure from the in-fighting. The division. The raucous “them vs us” mentality.

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Hiram’s interest in Archie’s mission was to stir the rivalry. As the adults of Riverdale argued, the sons battled in the streets as the Serpents sought revenge for Archie’s turf violation. But once the brawl takes a turn – a Northsider is stabbed – the gangs scatter. Archie finally sees past the red, opting to get rid of his firearm.

I’m loving to hate Hiram Lodge. His darkness knows no bounds. And with Hermione appearing to be more apart of his criminal enterprise than previously believed, I can’t wait to see what havoc they rain on Riverdale. As far as the Black Hood’s identity, I think I may have figured it out. But I’ll keep that under wraps.

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