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Riverdale S2, EP 21-22 – Judgement Night and Brave New World (RECAP)

Judgement Night and Brave New World

Judgement Night and Brave New World

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Riverdale came to a somber end last week. The season two finale “Brave New World” setup a new challenge for our teen protagonists. But to fully appreciate this episode, we have to recap its predecessor first.

“Judgement Night” was the better of the two. Coming off the heels of Fangs being shot, it’s a race for life and death. The Serpents seek revenge on Reggie, but Archie insists he didn’t pull the trigger. Once again he and Jughead play peacemaker between the two factions.

As if this wasn’t enough, the Ghoulies reappear with ex-Serpent Penny as their leader. On top of battling the Northsiders and Serpents, Penny kidnaps Toni Topaz as collateral to meet with Jughead. 

Elsewhere Cheryl battles the Black Hood, who arrived on her doorstep wielding an axe. Thinking smart she wounds him with an arrow, and warns Betty of her recent encounter. With Betty still suspecting her father as the culprit, she goes to seek him out amongst the nightly chaos.

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Fortunately he finds his way home and insists they partake in some family time. He sets up the projector and invites Betty and Alice on a stroll down memory lane. The old school power point presentation is Hal’s confession of being the Black Hood. Citing his grandfather murdering his great uncle, Hal highlights the darkness Betty feels is a family trait.  Hal plans to end it all in a murder-suicide, but Betty and Alice best him. He’s later arrested.

Veronica, still reeling from her father’s hijinks at the mayoral debate, comes face-to-face with death when she and Hermione murder a vengeful mobster’s son in self-defense. Veronica washes her hands of her father’s business. And she begs her mother to do the same.

Hiram’s hand is behind the return of the Ghoulies as he struck a deal with Penny. Part of her return involves ridding of the Serpent’s head. And the quickest way to do this is to murder Jughead. In exchange for Toni’s life, Jug surrenders his own as Penny and her goons beat him to a bleeding pulp. This is where we open the final episode, “Brave New World.”

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Other than a fake out opening scene of Jugehead’s tombstone, the season placidly wrapped up. Both Fangs and Jughead survived their injuries as it’s revealed Midge’s mother was the shooter.

Elsewhere the Northsiders and Serpents join forces as Hiram’s acquisitions become complete. He purchases the Serpent’s White Worm, displacing the gang. Luckily they find refuge in Fred Andrews’ home. Meanwhile Hermione, Riverdale’s new mayor, visits Fred to congratulate him on a clean campaign. While she still resides with the enemy, it seemed Hermione was extending an olive branch outside of Hiram’s reach.

Betty visits her father in prison. She disavows Hal, declaring the generational curse ends with him. But some type of new threat awaits the Coopers as sister Polly – with good intentions – assures Alice a healer from her past can sew her broken heart back together.

New leadership is appointed within the Serpents as FP once again retires. The events force him to reconsider moving to Toledo. He welcomes Jughead into role of president. Jug’s first act is accepting Cheryl into their ranks, donning her a red leather Serpents jacket.

And over at Riverdale High, a new class president is announced. Archie Andrews drew the support of his friends and classmates. A new start for the teen who became lost in Hiram Lodge’s aura. Earlier he finally severed ties from Hiram, boldly promising to bring him to justice once and for all. But it’s the older, wiser Hiram who has the last laugh.

With his new team behind him; the Blossoms, Penny & the Ghoulies; and, Sheriff Minetta – Hiram has Archie arrested for a murder he didn’t commit. The season closes with our young Archie Andrews carted off in handcuffs.

This season was a rollercoaster of emotions that finally came full circle. The ultimate reveal of the Black Hood felt justified. And Hiram as the penultimate villain is what I’ve waited for since the end of season one. Cannot wait to se what he and his legion of doom put into play for the next season.

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