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I Know What You Did in Riverdale: S2, E18 – A Night to Remember (RECAP)

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After a short hiatus, Riverdale returned! While I’m no fan of these hybrids, it absolved some annoying story lines; and, delivered the best moment since this season’s premiere.

“A Night to Remember” serves as the series’ musical episode. Kevin’s directing Carrie: The Musical when in the midst of production, strange letters arrive – allegedly from the Black Hood. They threaten harm if Cheryl is cast as lead. But Kevin brushes the warnings off as nothing more than copycat pranks. The show must go on.

Archie, cast as the neighborhood boy scout, realizes how cruel he acted toward his father. When Fred learns of the car Hiram gifted Archie, it crushes him. Archie has no other choice than to confront Hiram about coming in between him and his family.

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As Archie worked to distance himself from the Lodges, Betty made it her duty to tear down their daughter. Ever since learning of the Lodges’ undertaking, Betty made school hell for Veronica. It didn’t help that Veronica was cast as the play’s vindictive mean girl, out to embarrass Carrie White.


Archie tells Betty Veronica’s position isn’t easy, and reminds her how Veronica forgave Betty when she spoke ill of her before. A heart-to-heart finally brings the two BFFs back together. And speaking of mending relationships, the Coopers shared their own come-to-Jesus moment.

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In an odd choice, Alice Cooper joins the cast as Carrie’s mother. She’s feeling free since leaving Hal and dating FP. But when he acts distant toward her, she sulks in an agonizing truth. She is the common denominator in all her deteriorated relationships. She pushed away Hal, Polly, Chic and now FP. In an emotional scene during dress rehearsal, she makes a desperate cry for Betty to not abandon her. Miraculously, Hal returns home; and Chic, returns for the play at Alice’s request.

This touching family moment pales in comparison to Betty’s distant cousin, Cheryl. Once overjoyed to be playing the part of the tortured anti-heroine, Cheryl’s dream role is crushed when Penelope forbids her participation with the play. She cites the story of a daughter’s homicidal revenge on her mother as too close to reality.

The writers must have heard my cry as this final blow stokes the fire within Cheryl. She threatens Penelope’s life, and that of her Uncle Claudius’, if any thing happens to her or Nanna Rose. Dripping in her dead sibling’s blood, Cheryl banishes her mother from Thornhill. In addition to Cheryl getting her groove back, she reconciled with buddy Josie. And we witnessed the redemption of Chuck.

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It’s the night of the show. All episode long Jughead recorded the play rehearsals, capturing intimate moments on and off the stage. Being the natural sleuth he is, he took it upon himself to revisit the Black Hood hypothesis. Clues point at Ethel as a suspect, but she denies she wrought the ransom-type letters. With no other leads, he prepares for the show.

Because of Penelope’s bellowing, Cheryl did concede to playing lead, allowing her understudy Midge to be Carrie. In a jaw-dropping scene, live during the play, Midge is to enter the scene after a rousing solo from her mother. As Alice faces the crowd finishing her solo, Midge appears bloodied with multiple knives puncturing her dead body. With a blood-curdling scream, the theater evacuates as it appears the Black Hood has returned.

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A decent beginning and middle closed with an amazing ending. What wicked this way comes to Riverdale in it’s final episodes? Stay tuned every Wednesday at 8 p.m. on The CW. Need to catch up on previous episodes? They’re all here on FanBros.com!