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I Know What You Did in Riverdale: S2 Ep 11 “The Wrestler” (RECAP)

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This week’s Riverdale saw the tension between Hiram and Archie reach a new plateau. While Veronica seeks to cool the fumes, Betty connects with Chic. And an ugly town truth threatens the comfort of a white lie.

Riverdale’s own Legion of Doom plan their next attack. Distracting angry Southsiders from the closing of their high school, the Lodges fund a jubilee honoring General Pickens, the city’s founding father. His statue stands in the town square as a reminder of Riverdale’s humble beginnings. However a little history lesson reveals a bloody truth.

Jughead and Cheryl learn Pickens slaughtered natives for the land; land which the Blossoms transformed to maple syrup profit. The surviving members became the Serpents. Jughead exposes the injustice in the “Blue & Gold,” but his op-ed strips the survivors of any humanity. Toni reads him for his liberal racism and how he only wanted justice for his own feud with the Northside.

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Speaking of feuds, two brew in the Anderson and Cooper households, respectively. Hiram’s plan are threatened by Archie’s love for Veronica. He aims to distance the two, chopping away at Archie’s self-esteem and male ego. Talk about fragile. When Archie proves to be a more formidable opponent, Hiram changes tactics. He brings him on as an apprentice.

Betty and Alice have taken a liking to Chic, while Hal refuses to accept this stranger into their family. Once his occupation is revealed – he’s an online gigolo – Hal wants no parts. However Chic’s dark secret stirs something inside Betty. We saw a glimpse of it in season one. Curiosity of this innate darkness brings the two siblings closer.

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Riverdale hasn’t missed a step since it’s midseason return. Other than the lack of story for Josie, I have almost forgiven the Black Hood absurdity. As we shift to full blown evil Lodges – including Veronica – I cannot wait for the juicy, soapy repercussions.

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