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The RIP Nintendo Episode With Special Guest AG Da Coroner (FanBrosShow)

RIP Nintendo


The RIP Nintendo Episode might be an extreme title, but to say that our hearts hang a little lower today at FanBrosShow would be an understatement. Yesterday the world lost Hiroshi Yamauchi the man responsible for making Nintendo the cultural icon that it is today. Even though Nintendo isn’t going to die anytime soon we had to stop and reminisce on the greatness of Mr. Yamauchi and Nintendo in general. I guess the timing of AG Da Coroner being on the show may have been a little spot on, but we weren’t wallowing in death too much as we celebrated Nintendo as well as the life of Asac Schrader who we lost this week on Breaking Bad. We also discuss the difference between an actor who plays himself and one who plays a variety of characters, what Horror TV show had Benhameen running from the room, and AG tells us why he thinks Breaking Bad might be better than The Wire. Props to mdk7 on the amazing image above. Rest In Peace Hiroshi Yamauchi and may Nintendo live on forever.


1. What is your favorite Nintendo memory? Any system, any game, what was that moment for you?

2. What panels would you like to see the FanBros cover at NYCComicCon? Still taking suggestions for costumes for the crew as well.

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