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REVIEW: Thor: The Dark World

Fans of Marvel movies will be quite pleased with Thor: The Dark World.  The movie delivers action, large scale set-pieces, and perfect comedic bits that flow well with the story.  Chris Hemsworth is back as the titular character and the strength of his performance once again allows viewers to buy into this fantastic realm that he inhabits.

The story this time out involves, Chris Eccleston, as the dark elf Malekith seeking the mystical MacGuffin called the Aether.  The Aether is important because it can be used during the once in a forever and ever long rare occurrence called The Convergence, where all the realms align.  Who knows what the Aether actually does or how it really works as that’s never ever explained at any point in the movie, and you won’t really even care.  You also won’t care too much about Malekith since he receives ZERO character development, no story arc, no witty zingers, nothing really memorable beyond his iconic look, an intense hate-on for Asgardians, and a strange desire to plunge the Universe into darkness, for … some reason … or other. Ehhh, it’s ultimately not really important and merely the backdrop for massive battles to occur and cool stunts to be performed.  On that front Thor really delivers!

I felt the action of the first movie was really lacking in favor of getting the movie going audience familiar with the character of Thor and the franchise.  With the franchise and those introductions already in place director, Alan Taylor, is able to jump headlong into the story.  Natalie Portman returns as Dr. Jane Foster, her character is made even more integral to the story this time out as she become infected by the Aether and thus hunted by Malekith.

Loki returns and is organically pulled into the fray in a manner that doesn’t bash viewers over the head with the fact that the filmmakers are attempting to cash in on the popularity of Tom Hiddlesoton’s magnificent portrayal.  The film even manages to give Idris Elba the opportunity to not only speak more than two lines – he actually briefly gets involved in the action!  There’s hope for The Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier!

The movie is really fun, beautifully shot, and moves deftly from set-piece to set-piece.  Stick around for not only the mid-credits sequence, which will whet the appetite of comic FanBros who recognize the characters on display, but also the gag of the after credit sequence.  There is also a GREAT and unexpected cameo that will elicit an excited response from the true fans of the Marvel movie series.