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RECAP/REVIEW: The Infinite Loop #6 – “Pride Up”

Alright, here we are: the last issue. I’ve had some mixed feelings towards this comic so I was really interested in how it would tie everything together.

Shall we?

infinite loop cover

The issue starts with Teddy in the future running along a path. Her goal is unclear, but she is very frustrated after failing many times. After another failed attempt she’s ready to give up, but after she gives herself a pep talk she gets up and tries again.

In the present we’re taken to where we left off in the previous issue. Teddy and Ano’s meeting is made bittersweet as they are unable to touch (something about her not being a corrupted anomaly), but right now that’s the least of their worries. Tina and her crew are on their way to the facility and they have to think of a plan to stop them. The most dangerous plan Teddy has involves literally rebooting the timeline which could end up destroying them all. Is it just me or do all of Teddy’s big ‘save the day’ plans involve the almost-destruction of the time stream? I guess it’s keeping with the theme of breaking the infinite loop.

Before they can plan any further Tina’s crew blows a hole in the place sending everyone flying. As everyone’s getting throttled, who should come to the rescue but Ulysses! I don’t really like Ulysses mostly because I don’t feel like he’s learnt anything. I mean he accepts TeddAno now which is something, but we didn’t even get a sentence to see how that happened. And now he’s just going to save the day?

The infinite Teddys that he has summoned give Teddy enough time to execute her plan. We find out that Teddy’s running in the beginning was actually her attempts at rebooting the timeline. As she travels through time we get shots of famous activists giving speeches. The historical content actually works this context as Teddy is actually travelling through time. It doesn’t feel out of place, and it’s informative in the way that makes you want to find out more about the historical figures.

infinite loop #6 b anthony


Finally Teddy manages to find Ano in the past. They share a kiss and this is enough to break the timeline. The timeline is portrayed as this computer that’s full of errors and on breaking the timeline we get the ‘blue screen of death’. The analogy of the timeline as a computer’s really clever considering they’re both complicated and fragile. And we all understand the frustration of trying to get a computer to do what you want it to do.

The final section of the comic takes us to some version of the future where Teddy and Ano are living happily in their space-time cubby hole. They’re suddenly pulled out of retirement by the appearance of a younger Teddy from the past who needs their help breaking the infinite loop. The comic ends with a message of hope; “together we are unstoppable”.

infinite loop #6 unstoppable


This comic had a lot going on. I get that the infinite loop was supposed to be a metaphor for an infinite cycle of hatred, hence why our aim is to break the loop. But the whole science fiction part of the story was quite inconsistent so I kept on being jarred out of the story by my confusion. And there are still a few unanswered questions: why were the historical figures angry at teddy? How does Teddy’s job work exactly? Why would you need a factory that has a backup of everything you’ve erased and then destroy said factory?

I have to say that I did enjoy this issue overall; I felt that the time travelling meshed really well with the message of breaking the loop. It was definitely something different.

What did you all think about it?