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RECAP/REVIEW: Runaways #4 – “Run”

Here we are, the final issue (already?!). Get ready—this issue packs as much of an emotional punch as the rest of them.

This issue starts right where we left off with Delphyne and Amadeus captured by Bucky’s team. Tammy transports the rest of the crew to another domain leaving Amadeus and Delphyne behind. The group’s top priority is getting them back, but to do that they need a plan. After running for so long it looks like the Runaways are going to have to go back to school.

Imprisoned on a ship heading back to school, Amadeus tries to apologise to Delphyne for her injury; he feels like it’s his fault that her arm was cut off. Delphyne tells him to stop worrying about it. You can really see how their relationship’s changed in only a few short issues. A part of me thought their relationship was just going to be the ‘beautiful girl keeps away annoying nerd’ trope, but you can really see that they’re beyond just tolerating each other like they were in the detention room.

They’re both less than pleased when Sanna walks in, asking rather limply if Delphyne’s okay. After their expected coldness in return, Sanna admits that she couldn’t bear to give up the opportunities of the school –especially for a bunch of people who hate her. Delphyne kindly informs her that nobody hates her and that she’s sort of obsessed with Jubilee. Could it be love? Sanna’s flustered response is all she needs.

On arriving back at the school Valeria announces that she wants to see Amadeus. She tries to convince him to come back to the school, saying things about Doom being merciful and his ways being mysterious. But nobody’s falling for it. These aren’t the same kids who blindly chanted the anthem of the school earlier on in the comic, and Amadeus’ eyes are filled with suspicion. The conversation is interrupted by the sounds of the screen coming to life. It’s Ty, Tammy and the robot head (newly named Emily). Ty gives a rousing speech to the students who join forces with the Runaways and begin battle with the doombots.

In a surprising twist of events Delphyne’s arm grows back! Considering the dark undertone of the comic I thought that the arm would be gone for good; it’s a bit random but Delphyne’s swift take down of the guards makes up for it.

Jubilee’s running around the school, looking for her teammates when a doombot attacks her. As she’s about to get blasted she gets saved by none other than Sanna.  They share a moment and well, all I’ll say is that my ship is finally canon. Even though the comic is four issues it didn’t feel like their relationship was part of a rushed ending.

Runaways #4 SannaLee

Everybody reunites and as they are about to leave they are cornered by Bucky and a group of robots. The runaways think they’re in for a fight but Bucky lets them all go. The doombots gather around him, ready to take him out for disobeying orders. Valeria arrives desperately trying to get the doombots to back off, but they’re under Doom’s orders and they shoot him in the head.

Defeated, Valeria orders the robots to let the students go. Bucky was the only person she let herself be a child around; you can see her whole body sagging with tiredness as she walks away.

The runaways are free. Where will they go? Who knows, but they can figure it out together.

Okay, so that was a roller coaster. Was I the only one who was a little bit teary eyed? I felt such a connection with the characters, and now I’m sad to let them go. And the open ending felt just right. It doesn’t matter where they go, all that matters is that they’re free to choose their destination.  Think I’m going to go check out the original Runaways. What did everyone else think about it? Discuss in the comments below!

Runaways #4 ending