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RAISING DION Comes to the Small Screen as Michael B. Jordan Joins Staff as Executive-Producer

Photo courtesy of dennis-liu.com

Being a single parent can be tough as it is, but imagine your child developing superpowers alongside otherwise standard childhood milestones like learning to tie his or her shoes — rarely is the struggle more “real” than in Raising Dion. The 2015 comic and short film written and directed by Dennis Liu, has just been picked up by Netflix as a part of a 10-episode series produced by none other than Michael B. Jordan (Creed, Black Panther) and his Outlier Society Productions. Also serving as producers are key members of production company Macro, Charles D. King, Poppy Hanks, and Kim Roth alongside Michael Green (American Gods, Heroes) and Kenny Goodman (The Truth About Emmanuel)

After her husband’s death, single mother Nicole, with the help of his best friend Pat, raise seven-year-old Dion. The child begins to exhibit strange powers such as Teleportation, Energy Manipulation, Invisibility among many others, while still learning how to function as a relatively normal child in today’s world. How do you play hide-and seek with a kid who can manipulate the visible spectrum, or even discipline him were he to get out of hand? Nicole details her exploits through a children’s book, though things take a dark turn as mysterious, suited individuals become aware of the child. This leads to a heartfelt chase adventure akin to such classics as E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, or modern day phenomenon, Stranger Things. No surprise at all that Netflix was so eager to get behind such a unique property, from a perspective rarely seen, the modern Black Woman. From their own website, Production company Macro states they are “a leading authoritative media brand representing the voice and perspective of persons of color.” Personally, I can’t wait to see more.

Keep it tuned to FanBros.com for more as it develops. Also check out the creator’s site for a free digital download of issue #1 of the Raising Dion comic.

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